In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”


Rad Blog! It seems like WordPress wants me to make a Top 10 list because it told me to make a list. I wasn’t really prepared to make a list so I am kinda taking the idea from a cool blog I follow on here.


On a side note, I had an interview today. I think it went well. I also enrolled in a summer class too. Things are kinda good I suppose.


So this is the Top 10 Things list. My old Top 10 lists are one of my most viewed pages on this blog, but I think it is for the pictures. Today, I will not have pictures so this list will only be things.


What is the criteria? This list is the top 10 things I can think of that I like list. Top 10 things on my mind? Top 10 things I just feel like writing about and all that jazz? 


10: Tea

I enjoy my cuppa tea at night or sometimes it is in the morning or sometimes it is in the middle of the afternoon. Let’s just say I enjoy a cuppa whenever. I also enjoy the iced variety, mostly from a company called AriZona, but you already knew that if you read this blog at all.

Tea is from a tea leaf. Things like chamomile are not tea per-say. They fall under the Herbal Tea category which I will also enjoy sometimes. Chai tea, which is basically saying “Tea Tea” is a recent enjoyment.


9: Hotline Miami

It is a game. What is Hotline Miami about? It is about a psychopath that goes around killing mobsters because he gets some random phone calls. There’s a second game too that has more story. It is a lot harder than the first. Why would I, Chas Rad, like such a game? It has all the things I like about a game. It has an awesome soundtrack. I would easily put that in my top 5 soundtracks of all the games I’ve ever played. It has simple controls. All you need to know is throw, attack, and walk. There’s not much else. At the same time, the game is bloody painful. The controls might be easy, but the game is pretty hard. Easy to pick up, hard to master. I like that kind of game. The graphics aren’t super high class, but that’s fine with me. The colours are eye catching. Everything is so bright and neony. The game is deep enough for people looking for a story to like and stupid enough for me who doesn’t really care about a story to like. Oh yeah. Violence. Plenty of me killing things and not a lot of me waiting around hearing someone cry on about politics or something for an hour. It has all the stuff I would like. Action, music, colours.

8: The Rad Blog

These days, I’ve been really into writing about stuff on the blog. I really like doing these prompts or at least seeing what they are and not doing them. I’ve been writing a lot because I miss it from school. I’m not very good at it, but I do enjoy it. I’ve been blogging a lot because I care about this blog. In recent years, I’ve only been writing sad stuff. I wanna get back to the heydays of this blog when I wrote cool things and people read it for fun and not for emotional comparison. I also linked to social media because I feel like it. I am breaking out of this whole “I gotta hinder my progress because I hate myself” thing and slowly bringing myself back to level-headedness. I think this theme looks cool too. I’m pretty content with how the blog is at the moment. Will this change? More than likely, but at the moment, this is okay.

7: Chocolate

I wrote a post about this a long time ago.  Chocolate is a great thing. It is sweet and smooth. There’s a big bag of chocolate on the table over here and I had like a few Snickers bites. Good stuff. I also like chocolate doughnuts and trail mix for the chocolate. This poor lady at work lost all her chocolate reserves when the sewage flooded her office. Poor lady.

6: Cologne

I have lot of cologne. When I say lots, I mean like 6. That’s a lot to me. I’m sure there’s other people out there that have more. I just like the smell. I wear a different one almost every day. I have associated weather/moods/day’s plans with certain ones. For instance, on fancy outings for a mid afternoon, I wear Rocks.  That also doubles for first day of work occasions or where I wanna make a really good first impression. On sunny days out when I’m chilling and I’m just doing fun stuff, I tend to go with Drive. My new “I need good luck” scent and my nighttime date scent is Quantum. That’s just a few. I need to get Eau My because of the name and George Takei.

5: Streaming

I like streaming and I wanna get back to it. I wanna play again. My last stream went really well I think. I was playing pretty awesome. I just wanna get back in the groove again. Which game will I stream? Not sure yet. I just wanna play again.

4: Being Personable

I’ve worked here long enough that I am happy to chat with people. I chat with professors about their days. I chat with students about whatever. One guy was wearing tapers as jewelry and I was like are you sure you should do that? I hear it makes your ear all stretched out and not in a good way. The guy had no idea and thought it was part of the jewelry. Oh no. My other coworker here plays the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” song whenever this one professor comes in because of some conversation we had at the beginning of the semester. This is all I wanted in working. I wanted a sense of belonging.


I don’t know if it is supposed to be capitalized, but it is on Steam, so I’m doing it here. This is another game I’ve been thinking about/ playing a lot. I know I’m rubbish at the game, but I have a ton of fun with it still. As multiplayer games go, I like this one because it is not player vs player. I like working with a team to take on AI rather than working with a team to take on another team. I’m just thinking about getting achievements and stuff in the game and trying out all the weapons.

2: Aston Villa

Villa, Villa, Villa!  It is hard for me not to think about them. Tim Sherwood coming in has energized everything. The players look like they care. The fans have something to sing about now. The games look better. Villa are playing better. They are doing so well that they reached the FA Cup final against Arsenal. It is gonna be a hard game. Villa still have to survive the Premier League first, but I think they will now. I said a few posts ago that they wouldn’t, but I think they will. I’ve seen how they play and I think Tim Sherwood can fight off relegation. Things are now more positive at Villa Park and positive thinking has helped a lot. Maybe I should try that in my life. Naw!

1: Summer Plans

I had summer plans that I would find a full time job and the Queen would come here and we’d have a summer together. I don’t have a full time job. We then decided that we were going to go visit Seattle for a week, but that is becoming very expensive and neither of us can really afford it. We do not just want to do something, but we need to do something. Long distance relationships are hard and the thing that really helps us last is knowing when we will see each other again. I don’t know exactly what we will do, but I have a summer class now and maybe this job I interviewed for does come through. Perhaps maybe we could still have a summer place together. I could probably afford it with better pay.


That’s the list! Thanks for the read, kids.