Hey Rad Blog.


So, I’m trying this new theme which looks pretty cool. I think I need a better picture, but this one will do for now. I don’t know how the layering is either with the picture. I know it repeats.


Also, the classic post editor is all blue and white. It makes the font really large for whatever reason. I’m thinking it is just because of the theme and how it will look with the text one it. I don’t know. Maybe WordPress is making it even worse in the classic editor so we all move to the new, pretty terrible editor.


I kind of want a cool skyline of palm trees or something. Maybe Hotline Miami’s transition screen. Yep! Going with that. Gonna edit this this tonight.


We’ll see what text colour goes the best with it too. I kinda like this theme.


It seems like the widgets are now on a new area of this. You gotta click the button at the top right to see em. That’s okay.  this theme supports Social Media buttons. I’ll get my Booker page up again. I delete it a lot.


What do you think, Rad Blog?