In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mentor Me.”


Hey Rad Blog.


Posting early today because I have some time to kill before work. Will this come and beat me up when it gets to dead time at work? Probably. I wanted to post now!


The prompt today asks what my mentor was like and what he or she did for me or something like that.


I never really had a mentor in all honesty. No one ever just sat down with me and guided me through everything. It was all me who fought through school or life or whatever. I’ve had some helpful individuals that have gave me in the moment advice, but I have never had a mentor that guided me through a big portion of life.


I do have some people I look to as people I admire and learned from, but it has all been very indirect with them.


Motion City Soundtrack’s front man Justin Pierre has been singing songs that kept me going in life. I guess it is their words that make me feel slightly better though I know things suck. He’s gone through some bad times which makes me feel like I can get through bad times as well, more specifically when I was in high school.


Another guy I knew from work way long ago kind of gave me the groundwork for my current ways of thinking. I think I’ve mentioned both of these two before in older posts.


Anyway, the guy from work gave me this idea that I don’t have to accept things as they are. For example, if I’m taking current events into account, that one dude from the directional bad quit and there was a bunch of sad fans. Before I met the guy from work, I would have been like oh that’s too bad. He would have thought that the over reaction from the fans was kinda dumb. I thought it was. When I first heard about this, I thought the guy from the band died and everyone was sad. It turned out that he just quit.


So, I guess I’m saying that he indirectly taught me that what is popular is not always cool.


Another thing I learned from him is that I should do what I want despite it not being cool. When I was a younger Chas at work, I adopted the idea of being Straight Edge despite my peers getting into partying and drinking. Being Edge wasn’t cool. The guy from work didn’t identify as Straight Edge, but he just didn’t care for drinking like that. He was already in his 20’s while I was 16 probably. I didn’t succumb to what everyone else was doing and I’m still Straight Edge.


I guess he taught me to be true to myself, but not really. He just showed me that I COULD be true to myself.


Maybe I don’t need a mentor. I think a role model is probably better for me because a mentor would be the one guiding me. I think I wanna do things on my own and have someone to be a good model on if I continue the way I do, this is how I should be.


I also understand that no matter who is my mentor or role model, that they have someone who is their mentor or role model. It is an endless cycle so submitting myself to one person as my guide for life is a terrible idea. I think I read one time when I was mad at life coaches that everybody needs a coach and that even the life coach guy posting had a life coach.


I guess that’s partly what I try to do with this blog. I wanna be like the guy I knew from work. I want what I say to maybe be a good basis for someone else, even if I don’t know it. Maybe that’s what I want. I know he wasn’t trying to influence me. I shouldn’t be trying to influence anyone either. If it happens to influence someone, then that’s okay.


I probably should get ready for work.


Here’s a tip. Go to work. You don’t wanna be fired, right?


Go to class too. It sucks, but remember this: every time you don’t go to class, that’s like 400 bucks out the window. Don’t go to class if you’re really sick though. I’ve had that once. I barely made it through work. I nearly fell over when walking to my car. I can’t even remember driving home. I do remember getting chicken soup for lunch and spilling it all over the bloody place because I was feeling so sick. I think it was the flu.




Side NOTE! I went to Arby’s today to try their gyros. I got both and cut it in half to try one of each side. Bloody great. I liked the turkey one slightly better, but they were both great. I have the other halves for dinner after work.