Hey Rad Blog.


This is the 800th post here. That’s quite a bit of posting I’ve done here.


There’s not a whole lot on my mind today, so this is gonna be one of those posts where I post what I think at the very moment.


I’ve been looking at my stats here, as I do everyday, and I’ve noticed my drink reactions have been getting a bit of traction. This makes me glad. I really enjoyed writing them and I’m glad people are taking a look at them. Maybe they are using the picture for something. That’s cool with me. I didn’t do anything professional. I just put them wherever and pulled out my phone and used the camera there.


I’ve been playing a lot of Payday 2, which is pretty fun. I’m breaking my mold where I don’t like playing with other people. I’ve actually made a few friends out of it. I don’t know them well, but we play pretty well together and that’s rad.


Someone on the Electro Chill chat said something along the lines of “why did I become a freelancer?” I did not become freelance for that very reason. Which reason? The reason that I would question why I became one and not able to make any money off my writing. I was giving some thought to my current career crisis. I promise I won’t get sad about it in this post.


So, I went back to thinking about what some girl I used to work with said to me about finding my career. She asked “what makes you mad?” rather than “what do you love?” That made me think for a very long time about what she said. Doing something against what makes me mad could technically be what I’m passionate about, but then again, I don’t have much of a cause to which I would be mad. Astronauts aren’t mad that no one understand space. They might think people are ignorant, but they probably aren’t mad at people for not knowing it.


What makes me mad? I’m mad that no where will hire me and that I don’t know what I want to do. This made me think that being an academic counselor might fit that description. The career service where I graduated is kinda subpar. They don’t really care about your concerns outside of “can you write a resume?” They have checked my resume twice and all they really said was use more action words, but it is a pretty good resume. I don’t wanna be career service. I’d rather help the kid that thinks he wants to be a poet realize there’s not much need for poets and to redirect his skills to something more practical like grant writing or something like that. Chas the Dream Destroyer? Eh…that sounds kinda mean. Also, I’d have to go to graduate school.


I think what appealed to me most about counseling is that I want to direct people where to go or which class to take. I kinda do that as a reception desk guy.


I got new tires today. The mechanics were pretty cool. I don’t know if I’d be any good at working on cars.


I went to a diner afterwards. I had a pretty good waffle with tons of chocolate chips and ruby red juice. I also gave scrapple a try. It wasn’t that great.


I’m bloody starving right now. Chas needs food badly.


I suppose I could get something at McDonalds tonight when I get home. Actually, CVS has an AriZona sale so maybe they have something instant I can pick up and have when I get home. They don’t really have food like that. It is a small grocery section which usually has cereals and ramen. I have both of those at home.


I could go for a gyro right now. When I went to the diner, I was hoping to get a gyro, but they were still in breakfast mode. I suppose I could have said “naw I want a gyro. Make me one,” but I decided that a waffle was a good choice. It was. It filled me up for most of the day.


I can feel the grouchiness settling in right now and I really wanna be cheerful.


I suppose I should be thankful I can get food whenever I want unlike some people in some countries who are really starving. Maybe I’ll skip on CVS tonight. I’m not feeling like it. Then again, AriZona is fantastic and getting like 8 cans is great. 4 bucks for 8? That’s a good deal. I hope they have a good variety or I’m gonna cry…alligator tears.


Today is Chris’ birthday. Happy Birthday, Chris.

I once saw this dude on insert country here’s Got Talent who could swallow things whole which probably shouldn’t be. It was really gross. I just remember when he swallowed a billiards ball and the lump that was in his throat. It was abnormal to say the least. He then swallowed it and coughed it back up which made me gag.

WordPress has these “course” like Writing 101 and Photography 101. I was thinking of joining Writing 101. It is more for writing interesting posts on a blog. I know mine are plenty interesting, but having topics or themes to write about reminds me of the good days when my writing had heart. It also is supposed to create a sense of unity between the people involved in the course with you. I missed the deadline. That’s okay I guess. I was really trying to write more this year but I think I’m on track to be writing more. Posting pretty much every day last week was good. Maybe it was 2 weeks ago. I can’t remember. I posted a lot.


I’m starting this Monday off with a post. This is post 800 on The Rad Blog. I was at 750 something on the anniversary, I think. I don’t wanna go check. Someone, comment what I said.

Music has been touch and go lately. I’ve been mixing it up from my usual electo music. I was listening to a lot of bands I listened to in my youth like Coheed and Cambria. Tokimonsta is still pretty big. I like her stuff. I found new FlyLo stuff too. It isn’t really new, but it is new to me since I never heard it before.


That’s all I really have to say. 1 more hour. I’m gonna keep the place steady.


See ya.