In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”


Hey-o Rad Blog.


This prompt was kinda interesting today. I wanna write so I’m gonna.


The prompt asks about how I communicate differently in writing compared to how I do in person. I think there’s really an emphasis on using a cell phone, texting, and social media rather than just me writing here on this blog.


Honestly, I don’t see too much of a difference. When I’m texting and the like, I still use complete sentences for the most part. I don’t like acronyms or abbreviations because when other people use em, I have no idea what they are saying. The point of them is to save time, but it actually ends up taking more time to explain that a Blitz is a Blitz Needle which is a gun from Spiral Knights. I’ll take the extra second to write “Blitz Needle.” Some acronyms, like AAA, I couldn’t even tell you what it means. That’s why I hate acronyms. You don’t get “Lol” from me because I just do not care for it either.


I know I have fallen through the cracks of the slang of today. I see words on the Birdman that I don’t know, so I avoid the new school stuff. The generation has past me. That’s fine. I wouldn’t use things like “Lol” in human to human communication either.


I think the main difference between me talking with someone and me typing to someone or on the Rad Blog is that I’m much more coherent in writing. Whatever it is, I can just get my thoughts down faster and make more sense in saying what I’m thinking. When I’m talking, I mumble and repeat myself quite often. It isn’t really the power of the backspace button either. I don’t usually rephrase things when I write unless I’m trying really hard to use proper grammar or when I spell things incorrectly.


The prompt talks about emotes and stuff too. I hardly EVER use emotes online and if I do, it is never the standard smiles or “oh my gosh” faces. The ones I do use are the ones on Steam because they are more like a merit badge than anything. I have seen texts to people and tweets from people where there are more emotes than words.


This is quite similar to my communication in real life, which is what the prompt asks. I’m pretty level in my speech and my writing. I don’t have a ton of emotion to NEED to put something in at the end of my sentence. I show it through my word choice, much like I do when I talk. I always talk about connotation to the kids I tutor. I usually say what’s the difference between anger and rage? By definition, they are the same, but when someone is angry they are kinda just in a bad mood and probably say mean things while someone enraged is more likely to be violent. The same goes with hungry and starving.


Although, I tend to be over-dramatic by nature. I tend to hyperbolize my words. To show when I’m being serious or not, it all depends on my tone of how I say something. That is something that is hard to translate into writing, but I feel like I do it though my word choice and amount of explaining in support sentences.


Others do not do such things. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe no one knows what I mean. Maybe my writing is utter garbage. I don’t really care. If no one understands me, then so be it. I’m not even important enough for anyone to want to pay attention to anyway. Basic communication is enough for me. It gets me through work and daily life. If my online life is crap, then I don’t think I can improve it any more than it is.


The important thing, to me, is that I do what I like. I’m gonna keep on keeping on with how I write and what I write. If I gave up on that, then I’d most likely give up on everything I attempt. I’m already close to it.


This post went from thoughtful, to me belittling myself. That’s how it goes.


I best be off then. I don’t have anything else to say about this topic. Continue using your emotes and acronyms, but don’t mind me if I don’t.