The far-fetched flower falls

yes so is soft in


Children count to



The gap generation

or GAP generation

hexahedroned hyper climatic

on Netflix.


Two, to, too

is like the drips of rain

on the Interstate.


I can make up words too.



The Rad Blog is now the Poetry Blog because poetry is very important to life. It is like a lyrical paintbrush, and I am the artist swaying the words that are my colours for all to see.







Actually, I don’t like poetry. This is my attempt at an April Fools joke. Better late than never. I suppose it would have been an even LESS likely version of the Rad Blog if I posted it at like 11 AM and talked about a dog or something. This post is the most ironic thing ever to go on the Rad Blog.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fool Me Once.”