In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”


Chas here. Doing another prompt! Like I said, I enjoy these because they remind me of a time when I wrote for a question asked. The only difference with this is that I’m not concerned with getting a good grade to pass the class….not that I needed to anyway.


So, the prompt today is “Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).”


Well, being that I have an inferiority complex (or at least I’m convinced I do), I never actually follow through with any big ideas I have because I always see the reasons I cannot or will not do them. One idea, if failure would not happen, would be me becoming some kinda funnyman. My whole life I’ve been a pretty outgoing silly dude that was more concerned with having fun than pushing myself to study or whatever. If I became some kinda funnyman that people would see in the movies or tele, that would be pretty awesome.


Why haven’t I tried? There’s a lot of things I would need to do to become a funnyman. For one, I would have to be really good at the medium I wanted to be have my central audience in and I’m obviously not. To be good in writing or online videos, I’d have to be funny and original (and good at whatever it is I’m doing too). These are things I am not. I am not that funny to people outside my group of friends. I guess I’m sorta original because there’s no one like me out there. I have my own quirks that I sometimes hope people find amusing, but often times I think people think I’m just forcing myself to be funny or whatever it is I’m doing.


I’m also not very good at what I do. I do things to my own satisfaction where the bar is pretty low. I don’t play on expert mode or anything to show how good I am. I don’t like playing with other people online because I just hate the community usually. I’m not that great at inspiring people with my writing. I’m not trying to anyway!


That’s what holds me back. I guess I COULD be a funnyman, but I don’t really want to try and put all the effort in being noticed and trying to book gigs or signing contracts with talent companies that would make me change my ways so I can fit in their content.


I guess I also fear the downside. For every person that likes you, there’s 5 that don’t. Is that a real stat? No, but it is probably true. I rather just be making content for my friends and anyone else that thinks I was stupid enough to be entertaining.


I make it for me mostly. If I like what I do, it stays. If I don’t like what I do, I throw a fit and destroy it and say how stupid it was to even write/make something like that.


Tea time? Yes. Tea.


I like reading the other responses. People have really interesting things they’d do if they could do it.