In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’d Like to Thank My Cats.”


Doing a prompt again because why not! I rather like them, most of the time.



The prompt today is that I’ve been given an award for something (real or fake) and I’m to address why I was given it and what is my acceptance speech. Sure!


Well, obviously I was nominated for the Most Rad Chas award. There’s some competition, which was opened to people that use the lame “Chaz” spelling as well, but they hardly ever win. I won it every year, except 2013 where I shared it with this other guy I knew named Chas. Yeah, I know! I really did! We sat next to each other in class! He was a pretty rad dude. He was a magician guy that opened for a few shows in the casinos.


Anyhow! The Most Rad Chas award goes to me! Thank you all. This award was made by me to basically give to myself. Other nominations included Chaz Finster and Chaz Bono, but sadly they did not win. Chazz Palminteri, though pretty rad, was disqualified again for the “double zed” rule, but don’t tell him that because I’m kinda afraid what he’d say. I’m sure the board would honour his plea, but in the end would uphold the rule.


My speech? Oh yes!


Thank you one and all of the Rad Chas board. I’d like to give myself this award because I know I was the most Rad Chas. My hard work for the most Rad Chas community shows that I am the best because, well, I’m the only one!  I’d like to thank the Rad Blog for the evidence of my radness. I’d like to thank the mailman for delivering packages to my house when it is addressed to Chas Rad without thinking twice. I’d like to thank my old work that put me on the schedule as “Chas Rad.” I’d also like to thank AriZona Iced Tea and that one Hot Topic store for making me look extra rad in the sun when I wear my aviators and drink a can of Golden Bear.


Let’s meet again in like 10 years!


And after this award ceremony, the awards were quickly retired. At least I was on top when it closed.