Last Words is the prompt. This is the faux-last post of The Rad Blog. Don’t worry, this isn’t the real last post…or is it?


I’m not happy, Rad Blog. You probably knew that after 700+ posts. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy for true and I have come to terms with it in a way that only some crazy dude would.


I started this blog at work because I didn’t have any work. I was gonna be funny or cool, but I was neither. I never will be either.

What this blog has done for is letting myself think out loud to someone who may or may not read it. It was a really stupid idea in retrospect.


It did make me feel better each post after post. It is only temporary and so I have come to find that the best way to actually feel better is to shut myself out from everything. The world sucks and I want no part of it.


I’ve realized I was much happier as a lad who only played N64 games with no one but the CPUs. I had no time for internet or blogging or anything like Twitter and YouTube because I didn’t care. I was content with what I had. I was isolated and now that I’m so connected, I just face misery every day. I thought to myself, why not go back to this? I have met everyone I would like to meet. I don’t need to chat with anyone else.


So, here I am. The death of this Blog. I will not miss it. I will not miss the readers. I will not miss no one reading it. I will miss writing. That is the only thing I will miss.


There seems to be two lives I live: the one where I am a physical being and the one where I am a voice or characters through the internet. One of them must die. I’m picking the less bloody one.


So, good day to you Rad Blog.


If this were a real last post, I would probably have this running for a week before I deleted the blog in its entirety. You’d see the warning signs way before the death of this blog though. I’d first leave Twitter and then probably Twitch. Then I’d probably hardly ever get on Steam. Then this final post. Then poof. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. I won’t though. I’m not at that point where I feel like I need to get disconnected to try and salvage my terrible life yet. I’m just limited in my connection which is fine. I’m content with it.


Why did I decide to do this post? I’ve been thinking about it actually. I’m sick and tired of the world, which is true. I’ve thought about what my last post would be and I thought about what I’d say when I leave.


Then again, I might not say anything at all. That might be the best post.


In any case, I’m not leaving. I’ve actually been trying to do the opposite. I’ve been really trying to make this year the best year yet on the Rad Blog.

More suffering needed? Yes, probably.


Very well. See ya.