This picture looks so much better on my monitor than on my phone.

Hello Rad Blog. I got a WaWa gift card so I spent it on this instead of doughnuts because I love this blog more than I wanna have delicious chocolate doughnuts. I hope I made the right call…something tells me I did not.

So, this is one of Monster’s energy drinks. They have like 16 different Monster drinks at the WaWa but only 3 AriZona? What’s up with that? I kinda had to betray AriZona today and I went with this Monster which is called Rehab. Apparently it is an energy drink with iced tea. I thought that this would be good for me because I hate that medicine taste. I’m hoping this is more of an insane iced tea that tastes more like tea with an air of medicine.

There’s a few other choices in the Monster Iced Tea line. They all seem kinda interesting, but I think the pink with black drew me to this one. This one happens to be tea, pink lemonade, and energy according to the can. This sounds like an Arnold Palmer on steroids.

There was also lemonade, tea, and energy; orangeade, tea, and energy; rojo tea and energy; and I think I saw just tea and energy. I was kinda intrigued by the rojo tea, but I decided to pass on it because I have no idea what rojo tea is like.

So, this is also non-carbonated. Does that mean I can shake the can? Should I? It doesn’t say to shake it so I won’t. There’s kind of an interesting passage here on the can. I don’t feel like writing it because it is long. I’ll just upload it!


I feel like the people at Axe are also making this drink.

The “Rehab the Beast” actually works for me. Benteke hasn’t been firing on all cylinders so he needs some rehab to get back into scoring. Maybe Sherwood can kick him into gear. Symbolic for tomorrow please?

Amy should have had this energy drink.

So, what do I think of this? It looks cool. Pink is in my top 5 favourite colours. So, let’s look at the specifics in this. Let’s see what I’m about it drink. It probably is almost as crazy as that Mountain Dew thing. I already did notice that this is 2 servings rather than 1. The can is fairly large. I think it might be bigger than the Mountain Dew thing. Let me check. This is 15.5 fluid ounces. Mountain dew was 16! Huh! It seems bigger, but I guess it isn’t. This costs pretty much double too. I think the Mountain Dew was around $1.60? This was $2.68. This is why my energy drink reviews will be rare. They cost so much.

Maker’s Beard. 10 calories?! This whole can has 20 calories?! That isn’t much at all! I was expecting like well over 100. 0g of fat. 100mg sodium. 50 mg of potassium. 3g of total carbs. 3g of sugar. 0 g of protein. Double these by the way. This isn’t that bad it looks like. Oh thanks Monster! You already doubled it for me in the second column. Hmm. I’m starting to feel bad for taking the Mick on you.

4% calcium, Niacin 200% and Monster was nice enough to put Vitamin B3 in parentheses! You guys are okay in my book!  Vitamin B6 200%. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 200%. Phosphorus 4%. Magnesium 8%. Looks like it is medicine taste ahoy!

I guess what I am looking for is the energy drink that best masks the taste of medicine. So far, KickStart has not.

Ingredients! There’s quite a bit.

Brewed tea (filtered water, black tea powder), glucose, taurine, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, sodium citrate, panax ginseng extract, magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, pentahydrate, natural flavor, caffeine, maltodextrin, monopotassium phosphate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, gum arabic, calcium D-pantothenate (Vitamin B5), niacinamide (Vitamin B3), concentrated coconut water, salt, purple sweet potato extract (color), ester gum, quercetin dihydrate, inositol D-glucuronolactone, guarana extract, L-carnitine, L-tartrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), goji berry extract, acai extract, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12).


So I was surprised to see sweet potato extract and other strange fruits like goji berry and guarana. What in the Maker’s name is inositol D-glucuronolactone, L-carnitine, and L-tartrate? If I die tomorrow, I had no regrets other than drinking a can of Monster with a bunch of stuff I can’t pronounce.

Enough of this! Let’s get to what you care about! Look, Smell, Taste!

Oh yeah, before I do that, I am kinda glad to see this is more powered by ginseng than it is by caffeine. That’s kinda cool.

One MORE thing.

There’s a warning at the bottom of the can. Oh dear. It says to drink responsibly and this is not for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, or women who are nursing. This isn’t alcohol is it? Is it?! I am now fearing for my life.


It looks like pink lemonade that has been thrown into a pot hole in the road and was run over a few times in the rain. It smells of strong apple juice honestly. Not alarming enough to say “Chas! Don’t drink this!” It doesn’t look bad, just dirty.

Let’s have a taste. Maker watch over me.


Not bad! Oh. Well, not TOO bad. There’s a medicine after taste, but it really isn’t horrible. It is there, but it could be a lot worse. The initial taste is like crap fruit juice still, but with the taste of tea to help it be better. Yeah. It isn’t so bad actually. I am enjoying the tea taste to it. I’m sure a different flavour would be better than this. Maybe the rojo tea would be better because it wouldn’t have that crap fruit drink taste. This isn’t bad. Nope.

It tastes pretty smooth too. It is kind of a heavy liquid, but I’m not gagging at the taste.

Not bad, Monster.

My verdict? If you can look past all the stuff you can’t pronounce and have a bit of money to spend, I’d say give it a try. I am willing to try the other flavours unlike that KickStart. I give it a wildebeest out of Rad. I am willing to try other drinks by Monster.

By the way, it says that those L-words are energy things along with the ginseng and a bunch of other caffeine kickers. Thanks Monster. You’re actually pretty informative and make me feel like I’m not gonna die.

I wonder if I’d like their non-tea brands. What I like most about this is the tea taste to it. I guess time will tell. Cool can art and a fair drink.