Today is the day! It is! 4 Years baaaaaaaybeeeeeeee


Wait a second…I said something like that last year.


So, like I do each year, I’m reading over the last post and if I recall correctly, I was pretty upset that day. I’m hoping to have some more of a positive effect on this post.


Oh yeah! That’s right. I wasn’t working last year. Oh yeah! There’s a lot more going on now, but it isn’t close to two years ago. I’m less stagnate these days as I got somewhere to go every day now. Year 3 was more about being lost. Year 4 is about being less lost, but still lost.


If I had to describe each year thus far, I would do it like this:

Year 1: Bold and new. Full of excitement from the ups and downs of life.

Year 2: Flying high with the final years of school, yet scared beyond belief for the future.

Year 3: The future is dark and terrible. Everything I feared happened.

Year 4: The darkness isn’t so bad, but why is it so freakin dark?

I hope Year 5 adds more comedy to this. That’s what I’m lacking. If I look back on Year 3 and Year 2, there is a lot less comedy! Let’s strive to make Year 5 funnier. That will be nice for everyone. No one wants to hear about my problems, which I was coming to terms with this year. My problems don’t inspire people to think past theirs. I think if I was more a break from the world and telling stupid jokes like I do, then I would be more content. Just something to think about, Current Chas.


I should write about that in another post. The 3 Chas Rads. Another day!


Stats? What are stats?!


WordPress changed up the stats page so I hope I can figure it out.


Comment Leader Board!

Well, WordPress took away the ability to copy and paste it so here comes a screenshot. This is already annoying. comments


Kenny is still on top, but only added 7 more comments compared to last year? He’s been busy with his music land. Good on him! There I am in second place. Stitch is third with 7 more comments…too. What is 7? A lucky number?

Katie is next with 5, which is not 7, more comments. Gordon is a newcomer to the leader board! Welcome! His comments finally pushed Milo off the board. Art stays with 18 comments but falls 1 place and Jenna falls to last with the same amount as well.

I said in Year 3 there was a total of 272 comments. Thanks to WordPress, I have no idea how many I have this year. I’m looking. Nope. Sorry! Good work WordPress!

Oh hang on, I had 108 additional comments. Whatever that means.

108 is the number then!

So, my best day ever is still the same, but I’m not sure where to find that info anymore.



According to the 3 Years post, it was post number 620. I am now at 770 posts. That’s 150 posts. I’m doing worse and worse when it comes to posting it seems. Last year was 159. I lost 9 posts. I really thought I did more this year. Oh well.


I wanna add this stat here: Total views is 23,794. I wanna see how much that moves next year. I’m guessing it goes up to maybe 25k. I get about 10 views a day sometimes more and sometimes less. It depends on what I do really.


Hah. I saw I said Cowboy Sneep Snip will continue. I don’t think I ever wrote more on that story. I DID start writing something which is on indefinite hiatus.


Good to see I stuck to my guns about YouTube. Not going back.


Oh cool! My questions. I wanna read what I said about 2 Year’s questions.

Pretty cool questions. I like seeing how I changed then and how things REALLY didn’t change. Villa are still awful and fighting relegation. Similar music taste still.


Something really depressing is the computer question. I go through computers like a kid goes through clothes.


Okay! I wanna answer my last year’s questions. They are probably sad, so don’t cry.

I gotta know, what happened with the Post Office?

It never materialized. A few weeks after that post, you had the interview but they didn’t hire you. It wasn’t that bad though because if you got that job, you woulda lost it in a few months because that post office cut the employees they hired.


If that fell through, do you have a job? What is it?

Yes it did, but you now work at the community college in the office. You tutored a bit too (Bet I DIDN’T see THAT coming) but quit that because they were pretty freakin mean to you. The office is great actually. You started out as on call but they finally gave you regular hours. You go in today at 6. I’m currently pushing for somewhere full time and/or better pay. They understand.


Did the summer turn out like it was supposed to be?

Considering I don’t remember the plans I made, the summer was nice anyway. I went to Kansas and the Queen and I had a good time together. You got to see bison which were really really awesome.

Did you get Borderlands 2 yet? Did you beat it?

Not only do you have Borderlands 2, but Borderlands made a new game and you got that too thanks to Gildem being an awesome friend. I didn’t beat either yet. Work in progress.


I’ll ask again, what’s the music taste these days?

Pretty much the same. I’ve been listening to a lot of IDM lately. Right now is Motion City Soundtrack because I felt like it. I listen to classical at work too. I don’t think I was listening to FlyLo last year, but I did this year and he is really great.

Any good news? Any at all?

No news is good news, right? Seriously though, everything is okay. It could be better, yeah, but couldn’t everything?

How’s the Queen? Fine, I’m hoping.

If nothing else, the same as last year. She’s working hard in school, which you are really proud of and can’t wait to start your life together.

You’re still alive, right? This year’s been hard.

Right here! Still going. It was hard, but no giving up, lad.

If you are alive, how’s fame going?

I thought really hard about this and I think I’m ready to say what I’ve been thinking since I thought about this. Being famous is over rated. It would open me up to a whole bunch of people. Fame isn’t just people loving you. It is people hating you. It is people telling you that what you do isn’t good or stupid or whatever. If being underground lets me avoid the bad, then I don’t need the good. It might be my inferiority complex talking which hinders me in a lot of things, but I don’t wanna be famous. I kinda am content with where I am. The people that do know me seem to like me enough which is fine with me. I’m over the whole fame thing.

Did you go back to YouTube?

No sir. I watch it occasionally, but I’m not putting videos there.

Did you get a 3DS yet?

Nope. I don’t know when I ever will.

What’s your current favourite game?

Hmm. That’s a hard one. Probably Sims 3. Other notable games are Always Sometimes Monsters, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and Mass Effect 2.

Did you renew your notary license?

I did not! I didn’t think I’d need it so I didn’t bother.

How is Cowboy Sneep Snip? Any Progress?


How’s Villa? Is the trouble over yet?

I really wish I could say the trouble was over. I really do. I really wish I could say the team is doing well. I can’t. This is it. This year they will be relegated. No hope for them.

Give me a reason.

To end this discussion.


And that is the end of that stream.

Last question: Who are we friends with now?

Gildem and Stitch have been the most supportive these days. Dom is still in Japan so I never see him. Art is doing his thing. Jonny C is too. Chris is being successful somewhere.

That’s all the questions!


Let me ask my own for Year 5.



Are you full time anywhere yet?

Did you finally move in with the Queen for the summer? It looks like it should happen.

So, which great games came out that you played?

Did Villa get relegated? Is Paul Lambert in charge still? Please, Maker, say he isn’t.

Did you get a tattoo?

Any new friends?

You alive? I’m gonna ask this each year.

How’s the Queen?

What was the best thing you did this year?

Is Shaq Fu Punch out yet? You’ll probably link the reviews if it is.

How’s Reaper doing? I hope you didn’t destroy this computer.

Honestly, do you have a career direction yet? That’s been my biggest downfall.

Tell me a joke.

Last question: if everything failed, what’s the plan of action?


That’s all I have for this. It has been a way better year than last year for sure, but nothing is going yet. I hope Year 5 will have better words for us. I’m certainly gonna try anyway. Year 4 OUUUUUT.