So, I figured today is a better day than any to get this poll up so I can have it running for a bit.


Hero or Villain was something I started last year and I nominated people I thought were my biggest heroes in that year and people who were my biggest villains. I’m gonna post each of the nominations here with a bit of description why I nominated them. For all of the posts with the proper, long descriptions of the nominees, you can check this link HERE!


Steve from WordPress: The Rad Blog got taken down because I wrote about some spambot thing that kept sending me referrals and other spam stuff. Steve saw my claim and was like “Oh man, sorry about that. I’ll restore your blog.”

Rad Phone: My first GOOD smart phone. He was a trooper. Did a lot of good for me, but his age eventually killed him. He wrote numerous mobile posts and had good signal wherever I went.

Kevin from WordPress: He explained how to fight off these spambots and how to ban em from sending me crap.

Magic Johnson: I nominated him for being some victim of racism, but he’s lived with HIV (or AIDs) for a long time. I nominated him for some reason I guess.

Mat Kendrick: He is a pretty vocal journalist for Aston Villa and usually level-headed in this time of terrible football.

Dom: My good friend Dom of LvD. He is doing good work in Japan and told me he is interested in staying longer. Go Dom!

Cellar Door Games: They made a pretty addictive game called Rogue Legacy. It is pretty fun and I am happy I have it now.

The Rad Pokemon Team: I finally beat Ruby/Sapphire with this team. You can find them as my offline picture on Twitch. Bruce Lee the Combusken, Aisha the Delcatty, France the Lanturn, BP the Muk, Bugo Ninja the Ninjask, and Felix the Xatu

Shaq: The big man has been pretty awesome in my life. He’s a great athlete. He also has some delicious soda. He’s super popular. Shaq is the man.

AriZona: This is probably tied with my favourite company ever. They make cheap and very tasty drinks (including Shaq Soda).

Jessica from Grooveshark: Grooveshark is the other company tied with being my favourite ever. Jessica helped me troubleshoot some things with Grooveshark recently and I’m still working with her on feedback. There was also another guy named Kieran, but Jessica has been more in touch with me.

Kieran from Grooveshark: Looks like he does get a nomination! I had an uneven Villain nomination so I’m adding him here! He’s helped me, too, on Grooveshark.



Spambots: Who can like spambots? They ruin my stats! They send me stuff like how to get an enlarged wang. I don’t want that. You don’t want to see those comments.

Verizon: It is fun to hate on you for having overpriced service, but it is pretty nationwide. If only they were sensible in their pricing.

OceanVault: I can’t remember what the real name was, but this is the one spambot that was causing a lot of WordPress users trouble. It got me taken down for talking about it.

Scam Guy: I think he sent me an email for a job interview, but I looked it up because the wording was strange and stuff was spelled wrong. It kinda scared me.

Ian Culverhouse: Villa’s former assistant manager who got kicked out for bullying. I don’t think he was the only problem with Villa at the time.

Randy Lerner: It is also easy to blame the owner of Villa for not investing more in the club and for the questionable decision of giving Lambert a contract extension. He really doesn’t seem interested in this great club.

Asus: Gave me the runaround a lot and did not help me. Told me to go to their parts site when the part I was looking for wasn’t even being made. It is okay now since I moved on from them, but they still never did anything good for me.

Riot Games: Banned me for no reason and refused to take the obvious into account when I said I was banned and then sent me a free skin for being a good player? What is it, Riot? Am I good player or a bad one? I certainly won’t be playing your game anymore. You only get money from me because I like my friends and they play your game.

Drake’s Pokemon Team: In the past, Drake was the one I couldn’t beat. I finally beat him, but it was freaking tough! His Pokemon were jerks.

Stephan’s Metagross: Stood between me and victory and stood hard. Beat everyone but Aisha in the end.

Pricing Guy at Wawa: Why is AriZona there so expensive? You lose my business because it’s like a whole dollar more than anywhere else.

Paul Lambert: Sick of his “We were excellent” and “We go again” BS. He isn’t doing so well and I think it is his time to go. In the summer. If he goes now, we’ll end up with Gabby Agbonlahor as player manager and no one wants that.

That’s it I think. Polls. Right. Let’s see if I remember how to make them.