Hey Rad Blog. This is a review! I know! I’m writing a review on a game?! Dangerous territory man. This is opening me up to all sorts of unwanted criticism and the like. Who am I to even give my opinion on this? Well, I’m gonna be basing it off me so that’s all I gotta say. Opinions are stupid so if you already don’t wanna hear it, don’t read this! I’ve been saying that on here a lot lately.


Anyhow, Always Sometimes Monsters!

This is a game that’s captured me in the last month or so developed by Vagabond Dog and published by Devolver Digital (I really hope Safari lets me post the links to their site). The game was given to me by my good brother! I first heard about it on Steam when it hit the front page and the title captured my interest. I was telling Gildem about it and he just up and bought it! Me, being broke and jobless at the time, did not buy it right away, but I admired the game for it sounding interesting.


When I finally got to play it, I really did enjoy it, and that’s saying something. Why? This game has everything I don’t like! It is more story driven than anything. There’s really no action whatsoever where action is me fighting stuff or shooting things or creating things. This is really a pick your character and see how their life turns out kind of game. In fact, some may not even call this a game and call it more of an interactive story. Whatever you wanna say, I still liked it even though it has all the elements of something I don’t like (ie: almost anything made by TellTale. I say mostly because I like the Poker Night games).

I won’t tell the entire plot of the game here, but what you can gather from the trailers, you play as SOMEONE who is trying to win their ex-lover back. You gotta do whatever it takes, and I MEAN anything!


What I liked about this game is the combinations of main character/love interest that I could pick. This isn’t some vanilla Nicholas Sparks kinda romance. My first playthrough I had my main character be a punk rock Asian guy who was in a relationship with a cool hip-hop looking black guy. Come on! He was dancing by the radio. That guy was totally cool. This is something we don’t really see in games where there’s a whole bunch of relationships to pick from and it isn’t a “play as a dude and win the hot chick” kinda game. This is kinda a hot button issue to people and me, being a lame guy that doesn’t really care one way or the other, liked the change. Why? I guess because I like having options rather than being made to play as one character an no one else. It is why I liked Mass Effect and it is why I’m sorta enjoying Dragon Age.

It is pretty hard for me to like the story of games. I’m pretty incompetent and don’t really appreciate a well thought out story. I mostly like things because of the action or something cool like pirate ships on the moon, but this game kinda grabbed me. I think it is because of how it was more “real” and how I could end up in a similar situation? The main character is a failed writer much like me.

I think what also grabbed me is the choices you make are never clear. There is no “this is the good choice and people will be happy” in this game. There’s choices, but both of them make you feel bad because of the situation you’re in and it boils down to which of the two choices is the lesser of the two evils. In life, it isn’t always “if I do this, everything will be great and happy” or “if I do this, I can be a total jerk and screw over everyone to make me so much better.” This game doesn’t really honour those two choices like other games. In the beginning of the game, your character has to make $500 dollars to make rent or face eviction. Your friend offered you a job, but the nice old lady on your floor asked for your help. Will you help the old lady and miss out on the money or will you help your friend for money, and totally bail on this old lady who is all alone in her apartment? Even if you pick one over the other, there’s even more choices to be made, which I’ll let you (if you end up playing this game) make. It isn’t clear as daylight which is the right choice. I mean, this old woman could use the company and she seems kinda lonely, but I’ll miss out on money which I need or I can make money with helping my friend, but this poor old woman is alone and probably just needs the company.


I guess I can say I wish there was a little more freedom. There’s no real option of your character ever getting over his or her former love interest. I mean, I personally wanted to win my precious Damo back, but other people might be like “Well screw you, Tiffany! I am just gonna write a book and chill in Salt City!” I think this is only minor and if it did have this option, it would only make the game more cool to me with more endings and outcomes.


Oh yeah, the music is rad! The guys that made the music call themselves Laser Destroyer Team. I kinda wanna buy the soundtrack just for it. It is a pretty cool electro sound with some rock influence. The link there should send you to the soundtrack if you wanna give it a listen to some of the songs.

Another thing that is kinda not so cool is the epilogue. You’re kinda confined to one area and there isn’t much to do. I’ve heard people found some super secret stuff, but I’m not that devoted to find it and reading about it doesn’t really inspire me to go do it either. I think the developers said they are working on something, but I could be wrong. Playing the epilogue just makes me wanna start a new story.


I guess the replay factor is kinda medium. I already know how the story goes, so it is just me playing as new people and making different choices. It is interesting enough for me to play maybe 2 more times I guess.


I’d recommend it, but what do I know?! I’m just Chas Rad who happened to like this game! I felt like writing about it! This is more of a reflection than a review I suppose. I’m not gonna score it or anything. I will say that this game, which is made in RPG Maker from the looks of it, inspired me to get To The Moon which kinda looked like this game. I’ll be playing that soon.


Are we always sometimes monsters?


Okay, enjoy the rest of your day. I got a long one. See ya!