Hey Rad Blog


I’m so tired of looking for work that once I get a full time job, I’ll probably never look for another one again.

I like my job currently. I like the work I do and I like the school I work for, but it isn’t enough. Surely, you can understand that. I need something to support myself so I can move on for the next part of life which I’m calling “agony.”


I was reading how to be more efficient in looking for work. Because I’m completely clueless in what I “wanna be when I grow up” I decided that I’d like to do whatever hires me. I don’t even care anymore. How do I know what I like? I’ve said this before.


So, job sites like Monster are pretty rubbish if you wanna get hired in anything but scams and sales positions. The way most “experts” say is the best is to connect with your network and find a job that way. What network? I’m a stupid college graduate. I don’t know anyone other than my professors and they haven’t been super useful in searching. I have asked, mind you. There isn’t much I can do about them either since I never got close to many of them. There’s only a handful, but one in particular has been very good to me.


Other people in my “network?” Okay. Hey Stitch, you know if your school is hiring full time Chas Rads that do office work pretty well? Gordon? Kenny? There you go. My network.


I think those articles are for people that used to be like senior buyers or something and now find themselves unemployed because the company tanked. They probably know like 1000000 vendors.


But what about me?


I promise you, Rad Blog, that I WILL tell you how to find a work right out of college once I find out how. I am NOT keeping it a secret.


I think my main problem is my lack of experience. I’ve worked a few jobs, but I haven’t been at one for 5 years. I’m getting there with reception work. I think I’m at like 4 soon.


I did make mistakes in school. I didn’t do internships or do anything but work. If I got a more wide range of things, I guess I’d look more interesting. Then again, what if that wasn’t the case and I wasted my college years doing unpaid intern work? At least I got paid.


Still though, if you wanna do something in school, go for it. If I did a semester in Washington DC, I probably would have had more people in my “network.”


They say have a Linkedin thing, but I think it is pretty useless for me. I don’t know anyone so people won’t wanna link to me and I don’t know anyone to link to either.


I’m really considering going back to the career services at my old college. Last time I went there, they really didn’t do much. I was kinda clueless then, but now I have more of a clue. Maybe they can offer me more direction.


I might not know what I want to do, but I DO know what I DON’T want to do and that is teach or work for a newspaper/journalism. This blog is, as it always will be, a hobby. I will never be popular enough on my stream to make money off it and I’d probably hate my life if I was a full time video game streamer anyway. The guy that plays The Binding of Isaac for like 10 hours a day must be close to going crazy now. No way could I play the same game for 10 hours a day.


I hope I don’t have to write many more of these “oh woe is me job searching sucks” kinda posts soon. I know no one likes it, but this is my blog and I write what I want on it. It is how I cope with crap. Alliteration.


Maybe I should email one of my professors again and be like what do I do? I don’t wanna do what my degree is supposed to be used for so can you help me?


Other news? There is no other news. I really haven’t been doing much. I’ve been sorta enjoying life, I guess. Playing a lot of video games. There’s supposed to be snow coming this weekend but if this “blizzard” is like the last one, then I won’t hold my breath.


I do miss writing here. I haven’t had much to say or I would. It is almost the new year for the Blog! Look out for that! I got some cool stats and questions to answer. Hmm. I also will put up the poll for the Hero and Villain of the year. I don’t think I’m going to continue it next year.

Okay, Rad Blog. I’m out. See you next time!