Late night posts are back. I finished my first day of regular hours today. I like to think they are regular hours anyway. There doesn’t seem to be signs of it stopping.


So, I had an idea. The Queen is back in school and she isn’t the best at education. School isn’t for us both. The atmosphere and all that is totally not good or whatever. That’s besides the point.


I was trying to motivate her tonight for her first day back, and it occurred to me how bad I am at motivating people. Why is this? I’m not like those ex-coaches that were in a bad car accident in their senior of high school and the doctors said they’d never play again but somehow they managed to play again. No. That isn’t me. I’m also not some ex-junkie that nearly died because of drugs that now found God and motivates people to get an education. No, that’s not me either.


I am Chas Rad. I don’t know a single darn thing about the world, but I’ve gotten this far. Was this through hard work or blood, sweat, and tears? No. I’ve had a fairly easy life: a fairly safe life.

So, how do I get motivated? What is motivation really?


To me, motivation is a figment of imagination. People see problems as blocks in life. Some people can’t pass these blocks without someone telling them that they can. I don’t do that to me. If there’s a block, there’s a freakin block. I don’t focus my effort of passing that block. I focus my effort on adapting to said block. I guess this falls under the “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” idea.


Example from my life?  School I guess since it is the only thing I’ve done. Spanish was my hardest class. I did so poorly in it my entire life and I needed it to graduate. Did I buckle down to get a good grade? No. What did I do? I played to my strengths. I saw this real problem. It is a block in my life. Did I wanna get really good at Spanish? No. So every test that came by, I did well with what I knew and for anything I didn’t know, I let what I knew spill over to show I was competent.


What does that mean?


Let’s take essays for one. The essay is write about plate tectonics and the influence on modern ideas of environmentalism. I don’t know crap about the effects on it, but I do have a vague idea on plate tectonics and I do have a vague idea about environmentalism. What do I do? I take the two ideas and I force them together.


This isn’t motivation. This is adapt to live. This is like Darwin. Wait a second. Didn’t he screw me over once?


This reminds me of that one Harry Potter thing where he was all like oh snap I gotta fight some dragon and he was like how da heck am I gonna fight the dragon. Then the dude with the eye was like what are your strengths Harry? Harry was all like I’m good at flying but I can’t bring my broom. Then the eye dude was all like you have a wand, man. Harry then used his wand to summon his broom.


See, he played to his strength. Look at the situation and figure out what you can’t do first. Then look at what you can do. Then relate the two. Make one of them venn diagrams if you need to do it.


The most important thing is that don’t let your self despair take over or you’re just gonna quit. Despair all you want though! Despair is important because deep in despair I have thought of my strongest strengths.


Things like music help too. It keeps my mind off things.


It is true. You may very well not be able to do it! If that is by laziness or sheer ability is up to whatever it is, but remember you can do SOMETHING. Will the result be perfect? Probably not. I’ve had this backfire plenty of times. The key is to keep at it. This isn’t something you do because you wanna do it. It is something you do because you have no other choice. If you had another choice, then why keep at something that is terrible!?


There’s always a way. Hard work isn’t the only way. If we were supposed to grow tons of crops, do you think people would plant by hand still? Heck no! That’s why they have machines. You can dig a hole with a shovel for hours and work really hard on it, but it isn’t smart! They have trucks and stuff for that. Focus your hard work on finding a good rental or something.


That’s all I gotta say about this really. Don’t take this as advice. Take this as me speculating on things. I wrote about a single topic that had caught my interest.


On a side note, I’m really digging this chill music I found on this chillwave radio.

One last thing! Don’t strive for greatness. People are always saying you gotta be the best. Well, a lot of people are trying to be the best. There can be only one.

I like consistency over greatness. Put in one star performance and then suck forever? Play well every single game with just as much screw ups and good plays makes you a solid choice.

Enough! I need to sleep.