This is the worst titled post ever.


It is the worst titled post ever because I’m kinda forcing myself to write something. I really wanted to jam out to music and I didn’t wanna sit here. I also had a few things to write about too so I’m gonna.

Already listing this as a Random Post. It is gonna be forced so might as well be random.


I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately. During the day, I’m playing the PS3 either Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate because it was free or GTA Online. Both of those games I play solo. Yeah, I’m pretty antisocial when it comes to playing games. I know I’d get destroyed if I played someone in Dead or Alive because all I do is mash buttons, but I still like it. In GTA Online, I tried to play with others but all they do is kill me randomly so I gave up trying to play with random people and do missions by myself. It is a lot less stressful too because I can run to the bathroom and leave my character chilling on the side of the road. If I had friends to play wit, I would, but that’s my problem. I’m way late to this game as I usually am and anyone that had it stopped playing it. No worries. I’m perfectly content with how I’m playing.

Writing this made me realize I don’t care what other people think of how I play. I’m having fun on my own and I don’t need to impress anyone with my ability to play online or whatever it is.


I guess I grew a bit bitter with online folks with some of the games I played in the past. That, and I’m not very good at any game to be relied on in competitive play. I don’t even play competitively because I’ll lose 90% of the time.


On the computer, I’ve gotten back into The Sims again. I also bought Risen 2 which is pretty cool. The game is far from great, but all that matters is that I’m having fun with it. I also got The Witcher 1 and 2 on the last day or so of the Steam sale. I’ve always wanted to play them since I saw some guy play it on YouTube. Now that my computer can handle it, I’m happy to get them on the cheap. Risen 2 kinda reminds me of The Witcher a bit with the active combat and world exploring. The Witcher’s combat is like 1000000000 times better though.


I’m sorta back into Spiral Knights. I’m not playing a lot like I was before BPOC died, but I am playing it.

The Queen got me a Chew Chew Zelda game for Christmas which I’ve been playing on the DS. I like it actually and that’s saying a lot since I typically don’t like Zelda games.


Note: The only two Zelda games I like have trains and a boat. Before the boat there’s a pirate ship. You hearing this, Nintendo? These kinda gimmicks might not sell to most people, but you got me hooked!


That’s really all I’ve been doing. I’m trying to work out a schedule with both bosses for the coming semester too. I’m still looking for full time work. I’ll get it eventually. Come on people, hire Chas!


I was thinking of taking this extra curricular or non-credit class on voice acting. It isn’t expensive and it isn’t very long. It meets 2 days for a total of 5 hours. Why take it? I just wanna see if I have the guile. It might make me more confident in my streaming or videos. I haven’t decided yet.


I’ve also been strumming on my ukulele a lot. I don’t know why. I like the little thing. I don’t know what I’m playing, but it sounds nice to me. I don’t know the notes or chords I’m playing. I don’t plan on looking them up either.


Maybe this is a bloggy post. Changing.

I’ve kinda lost sight of what Random Posts should be. I think I was using that category for short bits on what was on my mind or something.


I’ve been thinking about tattoos a lot recently like what I’d get if I got one. If I get one, I probably wouldn’t stop until I had like a full sleeve. Obviously a pirate ship. I’d probably include the Villa badge as well somewhere. N7 would be nice. The Borderlands vault logo too. I figured I’d make Piplup the captain of the pirate ship and he’d be standing near the bowsprit with a kinda tricorne hat on and a cutlass in one hand pointing forward and he’d look all smug-like. I’d also need my signature cowboy Piplup too. Too many Piplups. Maybe a cool looking new school alligator pirate instead. Yeah! I’d also wanna get a cool looking shark too. The Queen showed me one, but I don’t know how to describe it. I also have some sort of thing for a lightning bolt too. Not sure why.


Will it happen? I don’t know. Probably not. Tattoos are expensive.


I probably should head to bed. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow. I’m just tired and want to sleep. I can’t watch Villa play because I don’t think it is televised. It is only the FA Cup tie against Blackpool. I remember the last time Villa played Blackpool years ago. I think Blackpool got fined or something for intentionally playing a weak team. I didn’t understand it then and I won’t now either.

Do I think Villa will win? I wanna say yes because Blackpool isn’t doing very well, but then again Villa can’t score.


Please tell me I’m gonna look back on this post and say “Hah! I remember when Villa couldn’t score.”


See ya later Rad Blog. I’m finishing up this song and off to bed. This video is odd.