First track of the year is Boyz II Men- “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.” Ironically, I wasn’t that fond of 2014 so seeing it go wasn’t too hard. I mean, it had its high points like me finding pretty regular work and my visit to the Queen. Those were good days.

Other lows? BPOC. I don’t do the year wrap ups on Jan 1 because the real Rad New Year is in February.


Boyz II Men have really nice harmonies. That’s why I’m listening to this song. It is more A Capella which I am in the mood for right now it seems.

This makes me think of this one group I listened to because of their name. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I first wanted to listen to them for the name. Bone…thugs? Of course the “N” got my attention as well, but being “N Harmony?” Heck yes.


They are actually pretty good. Group hip hop with some harmonizing. What? Chas Rad gives everything a listen when recommended to him.


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been off of work. What does that mean? I’m posting from home! I decided to take the Queen’s suggestion and call this computer Reaper.


With 2015 just starting, I’ve already thought of a few things I wanna do.


I know it is the most cliché of cliché things, but I’ve been weighing the options of joining a gym. There’s one in town that’s a dollar a day. Of course I won’t go to the one in town owned by the snob family, which could be cheaper and nicer, but I don’t care. I’m only trying to tone.


At the same time, I’m gonna eat tons of bad foods and drink tons of soda. Surge said it was gonna announce something awesome in 2015, which I’m thinking that it is gonna go back in regular circulation. Also, Shaq Fu Punch should be here soon…I hope. I am NOT gonna die not knowing what it tastes like. Come on, AriZona. I’m like your biggest fan.


I’m continuing to self-teach myself French. Duolingo is pretty great. I’m hearing most people think some of the pronunciations are a little off, but overall it is still good. I’m doing at least 1 lesson a day. I’m on a 12 day streak now actually. Maybe one day I’ll write an entire post in French. We’ll see.

Why French? All the international teams I like mostly communicate in French. I mean, Belgium is cool with their English posts sometimes, but a lot of the time they post in French or Dutch. I’m not about to learn Dutch because I don’t really wanna. Who else? France, of course. Also, Côte d’Ivoire almost always posts in French. In fact, I can’t even tell where their official feed is because I can’t read French. The Africa Cup of Nations is coming up and I’d totally like to be able to have some comprehension for it when Côte d’Ivoire plays. They qualified which I was sure they would.


What’s this Cup of Nations? It is basically the UEFA European competition. What’s that? Imagine a World Cup where the only teams are from Europe. It is like that for the Cup of Nations. Yeah, I follow these teams OUTSIDE the World Cup.


Or rather, I’d like to do it more, but I gotta dig for it.


I hate giving myself objectives because I never end up doing them, especially with writing. I’m not gonna tell myself to post a day because I won’t. I AM doing my French though which is kinda surprising.


Oh, Villa play tomorrow. I totally forgot. Tomorrow…I mean later today.

10 AM. I can wake up by then.


The most important thing for this year is to get a full time job. I wanna be able to support myself on my own. As much as I like living at home, it is time to get going. It is time for Chas’ chapter. Even Benjy got a chapter.


Oh yeah, I gotta play more video games too. Totally.


I was doing pretty well with job searching, but since the New Year came, no one wanted to update their openings page. I understand. I also think I’m gonna pay the career services another visit at the college to get my lack of ambition/direction sorted. I have no idea what I want as a career. I lived my entire life with people telling me what to do and/or things just happening and me doing them.


What do I like? Haven’t I been down this road before in a different post? I think all of them.


Well, I like games, but I’d never wanna be a game journalist because of all the flak journalism is getting lately. I like football, but it’s the same thing with that. I like clerical work and I don’t mind doing it.


Go professional with streaming? Very unlikely.


GameStop manager? I mean, I’d need to be hired at GameStop first which is probably part time/minimum wage. Anyhow, isn’t GameStop dying?


I did think about becoming a school counselor, but I’d have to be a teacher which I do not want to do. Ever.

Maybe I should invest in a lot of equipment and make dubstep or electro house music. That would be a suiting job for me. DJ Chas Rad.

I also thought about being an actor, but that’s too risky and I’m not talented and I can’t face the criticism. Darn you inferiority complex.

I also thought about being a professional parking attendant where I roam the streets of places and give people tickets for now putting enough quarters in the parking meter but then I saw that television show and realized people would yell at me all day.

I’m hoping they got a solution or suggestion instead of “checking” my resume. Last time they just said to delete a space here and us more number words. It helped, but they really didn’t do much more than that. I think it is partly my fault for not requesting more help with like finding what I wanna do.


Maybe I’m just dumb and there’s no use in looking for what I love to do and I should just apply to any full time opening and take the first one and become really good at it even if I hate it. It worked with Sisyphus.


This is my jam right now. How we close the first post of the new year. It wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t link something.


Enjoy your day kiddos. I’ll be back sooner rather than later.