When I was younger, one of the outfits I remember was this big yellow sweatshirt with some kind of design on it. The design wasn’t important, but I remember how baggy it was around the arms. I remember wearing that sweatshirt to grade school and I hated it because it was so stupid.

I had camouflage sweatpants I used to like because it had this little decal on it of this awesome army jeep. I wore it with that sweatshirt.


I always got dragged out to stores with my parents. Wherever they went, I had to go and I hated it. All the other kids got to stay home, but I still went everywhere. I wore that big, yellow sweatshirt. It was super thick too, but it wasn’t warm. It left a starchy feeling on me when I wore it.


Other kids had sweatshirts like it and they used to poke holes in the end of the sleeves so they could slip a thumb through it and it looked kinda rebellious or cool. My mom wouldn’t let me do that. No, she said she wanted me to look presentable. Whatever that meant.

We headed to the Walmart that night. I hated the Walmart. There was a McDonalds there, but it was always “closed” as my dad put it. It wasn’t closed.

We had to go to my “aunt’s” house after too, which she smoked so much that just being in the vicinity would destroy any good smell you mighta had. It took weeks to get the smoke unsaturated from jackets, hats, clothes, anything.

I don’t even know why we went. They had no television. They had no toys. It was a bloody trailer in a trailer park. Going outside was boring too.

The only good thing about it was Nintendo’s GameBoy. At the time I think I was playing Pokemon Silver. I was having such a good time. My team was strong and I was rolling through the trainers. This time my freakin “aunt” didn’t bother me with questions like “do you have a girlfriend yet?” or “what do you want fro Christmas” which was always an ugly, ugly sweatshirt that smelled of Marlboro.

Time flew by thankfully and I was nearly at the Elite Four. Saving? What is saving?

Then, driving by the WalMart, there’s a billboard that hasn’t changed in 100  years. There’s a baby faced lawyer named Bob Campbell who will fight for every last dollar. It is probably the brightest thing in the mile between the stupid Walmart and the mall. There’s a traffic light there. It was hard to play Pokemon at night, but the billboard was bright enough to give me some light.

Enough light to realize my battery died and I lost all progress.

Of course I was upset.


Home now, smelling of smoke and carrying bags from the Walmart, I desperately tried to get it done quickly to get new batteries to play Pokemon.

So desperately, I tripped on the broken concrete in the driveway. I fell, dropping the bag and my GameBoy. The GameBoy fell under the car; the bag fell to the side. My knee bled though my camo sweatpants. A big hole apeared where the cool army jeep was. My elbow, ripped to bits, bled all over the stupid yellow sweatshirt. I rushed to grab the GameBoy, only to be yelled at for dropping the bag.

Ma couldn’t repair the hole. The blood was too hard to get out of the pants. They ended up being trashed. The sweatshirt was fine.

Luckily my GameBoy was okay.


I grew out of that sweatshirt. I woulda grew out of those army pants too. Eventually.