I’m writing because I’m not busy! Finals week really put a hold up on things here. I guess I’m kinda thankful after last week’s crazy busy days.


I haven’t written anything in a while, and I am meaning to write those creative things, but I think I’ll do that when I’m off for winter break here.


I had a job interview that Friday and I think it went well, but I think I said that right? When I get out of the groove, I forget what I’ve said here and what I haven’t.


Rad Vader is doing well. I played Borderlands the Pre-Sequel with Gildem yesterday. It was pretty rad. Wilhelm is just as cool as I thought he’d be. I can’t wait to get his robo-parts. Claptrap is a fun ally.


I’m sorta in the Christmas spirit. As soon as this week finishes, I will be. For now, it is just the ending to a long year.


I’m actually looking forward to my next year of Rad Blogging in February. I feel more positive with life currently. Let me be honest here, like I usually am, this year was pretty rough.


Someone almost fell down the stairs outside the room. Poor lass.

I just thought more of Wilhelm and his robo-parts. If robo-parts like his were available, would I want them? I think having a rocket launcher on my shoulder would be pretty rad, but I don’t know when I’d ever use it.

Also, if I do the Wilhelm’s robo-parts, does he not suffocate anymore when the oxygen runs out? I know Claptrap doesn’t need it since he’s a robot. I guess Wilhelm will need it since he’s still human.


If I get a chance this winter, I’m probably gonna do a 24 hour stream. I said it on Birdman, and I wanna go through with it. I’m thinking of trying to play through all the Borderlands games and maybe Tales from the Borderlands if I get it. I don’t know if I’ll like it as I think interactive stories are teh lamez. I will play though all three main games or at least try to do it unless someone would rather see me play something else like Dragon Age: Origins and others. I only have that Dragon Age game. I was thinking of streaming all 3 Mass Effect games, but I don’t have them on PC and my room isn’t big enough to hold both the computer and the tele AND I don’t feel like taking Rad Vader out where the tele is. Unless EA Origin has a super sale on all 3 games and the DLC, I probably won’t do Mass Effect.


This is why I said Borderlands. I have ALL the DLC for all of the games. Gildem was awesome and got me the Season Pass as well for the Pre-Sequel, which is great because I got the Handsome Jack body double too. I’ll probably end up using him in the stream.


Wow. Super distraction there. How did I end up reading wikis for about half an hour?


I really didn’t have much to say for this post. I just wanted to say things on my mind, which I guess would make this more of a Chas Update, but since I talked about things specifically, I’m putting this as Bloggy.

Why not both? Okay!

Like I said, look for the creative stuff. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll probably post one sooner rather than next week.


Am I setting myself up for not doing it? Probably.