Quick bit here for everyone on the Blog.


So, if you didn’t notice, I changed the theme. This one is called “Plane.” It reminds me of Suits, but not black. Like I said before, I like that blue colour.


Second, I added snow! Wooo! I can’t see it on the school’s Firefox browser, but it worked on Chrome. I like that it isn’t super annoying. If you find it super annoying, I’ll gladly take it off. I wasn’t a fan of WordPress’ winter theme this season, so to make up for it I wanted to add the snow.

My new computer should be here today. I’m gonna try to do a stream this weekend to celebrate. If you see me go live on Twitch before then, it is probably because I’m testing things. I am not looking forward to re-downloading all my stuff. Oh no. All those games. It is gonna take me all night to get this set up. Oh well.

That’s really it about the Blog and streaming. I should be able to stream better games now.