In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”


That’s right, daily prompt is back. Seems like they were having issues with pingbacks, so I will give it a go again.


So this prompt was about some quotation saying something about wanting everything is like wanting nothing. I don’t know. Look at the link above.


So the prompt asks is it more dangerous to want everything or want nothing.


I would say people that want nothing fall under two categories: Monks and Angry People.


Monks, you know like the ones in Tibet, want nothing but their peaceful life. They wanna live in the present which isn’t dangerous. They are peaceful, which would be the opposite of dangerous I think.


Then, there’s the angry people. Let’s say I made you mad and to show how mad you are about what I did, you give me passive aggressive answers like “I’m fine,” or “No, I don’t want anything,” when it is clear you want me to roll over and die or something.


That isn’t that dangerous still because that’s only for a short time.


Now, the people that want everything are more or less annoying than dangerous. I think of little kids. Little kids are always wanting something they don’t have like “can I have that toy?” I want that balloon!” and, “buy me a car!” Freakin’ kids want everything.


So which is more dangerous? I’d say the people that want everything is more dangerous than people that want nothing. It is easier to satisfy people that want nothing because, let’s face it, I offer nothing in return! The people that want everything would make me blow a gasket. Like I said, I think kids that are constantly wanting my stuff are so annoying to the point where I will end up ripping my ears off in hopes to never hear them again.


Then again, there’s those overly ambitious people I knew in school and now see in work sometimes who wanna DO everything which is kinda along the same lines of kids wanting everything but instead of me blowing up, it will be them that implodes.


These overly ambitious people are constantly trying to be the best and it puts super stress on them. I know a guy that if he got a freakin 92 (which was still an A) he would freak out because it would lower his GPA. I hope that dude ended up going off the rails in college. It is dangerous because that much stress can’t be good for their health.


This was a silly topic, but I never really thought about it so I guess it is pretty good.