Hey Rad Blog.


If Late Night Chas can ramble on about nothing, let’s try sleep deprived Early Morning Chas.


I was playing a game of pyramids, you know, the card game? Well, I was thinking of something that is constantly shoved down our throats every single day.


You know that movie, Frozen? Yeah, of course you do. How could you not?


That’s what I was thinking about while playing and sipping on this hot chocolate. This is Butterfinger flavoured hot chocolate. It kinda sucks, but I gotten used to it. The tea in the machine tastes like coffee.


I was thinking about how Frozen got so popular and how it remains popular a year later. You’d think it came out in like February, but no. It came out in November of last year.


What makes this Disney movie so popular? Is it the songs? I mean, I know only 2 of them through hearing them on commercials and seeing a YTP that made fun of one (thanks for that Gildem). Honestly, they aren’t super catchy. If anything, they are kinda like Broadway show-stoppers or whatever. It isn’t like Disney doesn’t have songs in their other movies too. I don’t know.


Is it the story? I never saw the movie so I can’t really comment on it other than there’s some girl with ice powers, some girl that sings, two parents that die at sea, and a snowman. That’s all I know. If it is a Disney movie, I mean the story should be well written. My question is why does this movie have such a long reign of popularity?


I honestly don’t know to be honest. I can only make one assumption and it is probably wrong.


What I think is that Disney saw that people aren’t coming to Disneyland or world and that no on is going to the movies anymore, so they schemed up an idea to make a ton of money. Sure, Pixar makes hits, but Pixar isn’t Disney. They tried it with that movie Tangled which was their test to see if people would like it. I’m sure it did well, but their main idea was to make this movie Frozen. They rode on the success of Tangled and went all in by making a multi-somethingion dollar advert campaign so that every little kid, probably mostly little girls, would love this movie.


So the build up happens and all the kids nag their parents to go see this movie and all the kid-at-heart 17 to 25 crowd get the hype because it reminds them of the good ol days of Lion King and company. They see it. Because Disney shoved it down everyone’s throats, they love it instantly. As soon as the movie is out, they release the toys and the other junk like costumes and whatever. It rides on, but that’s kinda typical of a multi-somethingion dollar marketing scheme.


Where does Frozen jump higher than other movies? Well, remember when I said the kid-at-heart crowd? Them. They go on their special social media crap and post a ton of Gifs and stuff all over it. People make fan fictions. It just keeps spreading because Disney hit that crowd. Also, the kid crowd is getting more tech savvy and they post it too. It spreads. They do their own versions of the songs on YouTube.


Disney is no dummy. They jump on this. They send it to ABC Family, one of their many channels, and play it almost as non-stop as the Harry Potter movies. They send it to ShowTime or HBO or one of those movie channels that a lot of people have subscriptions to and the movie keeps going.


When Halloween came, I gave out the candy. I saw like 20 kids dressed as the one princess. In fact, there was a group of 5 or so girls that all dressed in that costume.


I got really busy and lost that thought. I guess all I can say is that I don’t really understand why this movie is so super popular. It doesn’t really matter either. If you like it, then you like it I guess. I don’t really have any interest in it.



Let me tell you. On Wednesdays, we have 4 workers. Two called out and I had to work 9 to 1 all by myself. Another person comes in at 1, but they are looking like a no call no show.


I’m not even angry or anything. I’m super super busy here, but I’m playing solid here. I’m like Ciaran Clark in yesterday’s game.


No, not getting into sports.


I haven’t properly woken up yet either. I’m still walking around in a daze of sleepiness. Maybe lunch will help with that.


I would go as far and say I’m in the zone when it comes to work. I had a LOT of challenges today. This day is NOT easy. It is busy and challenging.


I feel like I didn’t finish my thought on Frozen. It doesn’t matter. I think I was writing about it because I’m sick of seeing commercials for it still. I don’t even watch much tele. It’s the family that watch tele. I’m usually on my PS3 playing something in the same room.


Someone asked me if I was going to get my Masters. I said no because I don’t like student loans. Would a Masters help me find work? Honestly, I highly doubt it. I saw a video once where the guy was like I’m just working until my company wants me to get a better degree so I can be promoted while the other guy was way in student loan debts because he gave up on a job search and went to get his Masters to hope it would help him. I am more like the first guy. I just don’t really want to go to more school for naught.


Okay, break time is almost here. Thank the Eight. I’m gonna finish this up by going to 1000 words. You think I should pick up on Frozen again?

That’s it. The end.


Oh yeah. Not a no call, no show. Just late. I hope this is the turning point of my day. Patience is a virtue? How can it be when I’m out of time?




You know…because lunch time is here. I’m out of time to write this post. Don’t be so dramatic, Rad Blog.