Oh hey.


So, by the title, I think you know what this is about and what this means.


Go ahead! Search BPOC on the nifty search thing on the top right. Look at all the posts! All of them are about BPOC breaking.


That’s right. This time though, BPOC is dead for sure.


I was just minding my own business watching Gildem play this game called The Room and then BPOC freezes and nothing works. I had to hard shut it off just for it to do anything. When I tried turning it back on, it gave me that error code again. I saw this error code when BPOC died the first time. I have a little dirge playing for it, even though BPOC deserves no respect.


Since DAY ONE I had this laptop it had problems and I took it to the place where I bought it and they assured me each time that this was it; that this would be the way to fix it.


All of BPOCS problems are things that should not happen.


My brother who is fair with computer tech and stuff took a look at it. I mean, he can’t fix it, but he can kinda tell what’s going on with computers. He tells me that this is a refurbished laptop that the company I bought it from called it new. This company is the same repair shop I brought it to get fixed. I only went to them because it was under warranty which they had and didn’t give to me since they bought it from their supplier.


Maybe they don’t suck for selling me this BPOC and it is their supplier that sucks.


It doesn’t matter.


Anyway, BPOC is gone. I’m gonna check in the morning to see if it just overheated which would be yet another problem.


BPOC has always been hot which might have melted the innards of it. If it didn’t melt it, then it certainly damaged it. It probably burnt the WiFi card too because it won’t connect unless I have the laptop plugged into an electrical socket.


So, that’s that with BPOC. I’m getting a quote from someone that custom builds PCs. I know what you might be thinking and you’ll say “Chas, are you so lazy that you won’t build one yourself?” to which I say reader person, I am an incompetent moron. I have gone through 3 laptops in less than 10 years. I bought BPOC from some crappy shop who destroyed my other laptop when trying to repair it. I don’t have a lot of options. I’m only getting a quote from the place. I also have my eye on a pre-built PC. I’m done with laptops.

I’m a failure, aren’t I? I get suckered so much. I freaking hate it. Hey look! There’s Chas, let’s get him to buy this thing that is broken because he doesn’t know any better. Let’s convince him with fake facts and a cheery attitude so he’ll like us.


I’m so mad that I’m also sad.


My PS3 is junk. My Xbox died once. My phone is lame and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. I am a failure in the tech world. I should just give up this trivial pursuit.


All I wanted to do was watch Gildem. Why is this so difficult?


I’m destined to fail because I can’t get anything right. I would read up on PC stuff, but what’s the point if I can’t comprehend it?


I just gotta…sleep this off I think.


Tomorrow will be better I hope. I doubt it, but I can hope for it.


I think I’m a decent guy. I kinda suck, but I’m also pretty nice. Why do I just get the rotten garbage of the tech world?


I feel betrayed. By whom? I don’t know. I just do. Is this a legitimate thing to feel? Maybe it is all my fault because I’m just not smart enough to understand things. I can write and research literature, but what good is that? I can’t build a PC. I can’t figure out why my PS3 freezes. I can’t even make a good decision to buy a good phone.


I’ll keep you posted on the situation. I promise.