The time has come. The time is now!


Happy Thanksgiving Rad Blog!


What I’m thankful for today, well one of the things anyway, is that I finally have Surge! Ever since I saw on Twitter that Surge was back on Amazon, I tried to get a pack. This product sells quickly, but I think I might have finally gotten it when the demand stabilized. There’s plenty now I think.


I really wanted this to be, what, my 700 post special? I’m like 30 some posts from that. Huh. I guess I’m not THAT far off of 700.


Anyhow, Surge came out in the 90’s. I was a wee lad then and my parents wouldn’t let me get it because, well, it is a super sugary soda. Yes. Soda, not pop. It says so on the can.


We got a ton of promotional stuff from Surge. I remember this magnet I got of a Surge can and I brought it to kindergarten and was like this is cool. I think I thought it was a sticker and was upset it wouldn’t stick. Oh well. We still have the magnet somewhere. I’d have to go looking for it.


When I got older, Surge disappeared! I never got to try it growing up, but now my time has come.


My brother opened a can last night. I already know what it looks like, but that was from afar.


This is my look at it. Here we go!


I’m getting my special Coca-Cola glass for this since this is a Coke product.


The only thing different from today’s Surge and 90’s Surge is the can size. As I’ve come to find in some research, it is the same exact formula. The art looks the same as well on the can.


This is not good for you health-wise. This should sorta be treated as an energy drink in a way, but I am throwing caution to the wind! WOOSH!

Ingredients include water, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, citric acid, natural flavors, orange juice from concentrate, potassium benzoate, potassium citrate, caffeine, calcium disodium eota, yellow 5, yellow 6, carob bean gum, blue 1.


That’s a lot of things I can’t pronounce!


There’s 230 calories in this large can which isn’t that bad for what it is. 62 g of carbs is kinda a lot with its 56g of sugar. This is NOT really that good for you, but if it is tasty then who cares?! Well, I’m sure a lot of people do, but I certainly don’t. This is what I like to call Soda Existentialism.


Kids just say “YoLo.”


Okay. Enough with the waiting! Let’s pour it!


It is very green! Like, green green. It doesn’t really even look artificial green like most sodas. This looks straight green to me. It smells a lot like lemon-lime soda, which I kinda expect it to taste like.

Now, the moment I’ve been waiting for! I don’t even care I ended that with a preposition!




It tastes a lot like a lemon-lime soda, but there’s a lingering effect to it. Like the lime is more there than lemon. I guess that might be the orange juice taste to it that makes it feel a bit more heavy.


It is pretty good! It is very bubbly and I’ll probably be off the walls later with how much sugar is in it.


Is it great? I mean, I think the hype blew it up a lot more than it is, because it tastes a lot like a lemon-lime soda with a heavier citrus taste. It is good, but it isn’t life altering. It is a good lemon-lime soda, but that’s really it. I’m glad I got to try it honestly. The after taste is okay too.


If this went back to general sale in stores, I think it would do well. It reminds me of Vault when that was around.


I guess I should play Pokemon Red or something now.



Post Edit!


In retrospect, if this is gonna compete in the energy drink market, this might do well because this doesn’t have the gross vitamin taste a lot of them do. This tastes like a smooth soda, but I think it has the same kind of kick energy drinks have. I don’t know. I’ll see in a few hours.


By the by, I hardly drink anything with caffeine, so if I see a noticeable difference, then I know it worked. Hah!