This deserves a random post because my mind is gone off into its own road of Rad.


So, someone was supposed to come here with a paper on Othello and I know my Bill Shaky so I relished at the chance to read it over and they didn’t show. I tried to defend them saying “Oh maybe they forgot to turn the clock back or whatever and will come in a half an hour thinking they were on time.”


Now I figure if they did that, how did they bloody function for about a month.


Anyhow, I was talking to the picture of Nelson Mandela on the wall there and I was like “You’d understand them if they forgot, right Nelson?” but then I realized he is just a picture so I’ve lost it.



This prompted me to come up with my new idea for my pop-punk/semi-hardcore (would that be easycore then?) band which I will call “All Right, Othello.” I would have to be the singer since I can’t really play the guitar or the drums. Maybe I could play bass. I’d sing the melodies or whatever. Maybe we’d have some kinda scream thing, but that genera is dead pretty much.


This band would never fly these days. Kids wanna hear A Million Seconds Of Summer or whatever they are bloody called.


Darren Bent went off on loan. See ya. He was really good under Houllier, but kinda declined. I don’t know. Maybe he wouldn’t have if Villa used him more. Point is, Benteke is here and he’s a beast. Bent and Benteke are different in their style of play. Lambert finds more use in Benteke. Bent is gonna play for Brighton.


A lot of fans are like “why get rid of a striker when Villa have no goals?” To this I say, Bent hasn’t scored any and he looks out of pace and slow. When Benteke finally gets back, which is whenever, I’m hoping goals return. Weimann missed big time on Monday. Gabby can score if he keeps up with his pace. Weimann needs his form when him and Benteke freakin did awesome together.

I’m also hopeful of Robinson in him being recalled. I don’t know how he plays. Pair him with Grealish.


See, football got me on a track. Now I gotta tag this as sports as well.


Oh yeah, I’m done with the daily prompts. I’ve followed their rules and I haven’t been linked. Now I see Mr. Flanders isn’t being linked either. I’ll link him instead. He’s quite brilliant by the by.


This is a rather neat hybrid. I made a random nonsense post with sports. How does my mind work? I think of nothing and then get on sports for a while?


I think I’m just running on empty. I didn’t have breakfast so when I don’t eat, I get angry or lose my mind completely. Maybe it is a good thing the Othello person didn’t come in because I probably woulda made her write about Iago from the play and Aladdin.


Never mind! She finally came and wot wot? 12:30ish. Hah! I rule.