In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Calling Uncle Bob.”



So today’s prompt thing asks about some kind of difficult situation and did I sort it out or did I ask someone else to help me.


Well, Rad Blog, I think you should know that almost everything I do is made 100% more difficult because of my own stupidity.


What do I mean? Okay let me take a real life example.


Let’s talk a little about the war, yeah?


The war is petty, we know this, but it would have been a lot easier if I just wasn’t so stupid. What I should have done was cut ties and been like “You know, I don’t even care. You sent me bad signals and I took it as if you wanted nothing to do with me.”


Anyhow that’s how that went.


Other times, I probably should ask for help, but I don’t. I’m one of those guys that hates asking for help. I get lost a lot driving. One of my temp jobs had me go all the way around the state and of course I don’t know it THAT well, so I often got lost. I shoulda called for help, but I kept going. Eventually, I learned the area, so no. No I do not regret NOT asking for help. Does that sentence make any sense?


Still though, I can’t be bothered asking for help.


I guess someone might call my current mental state a difficult situation and that I probably should seek help. Do I? Never. Why not? Well, I don’t think it is very necessary. It also doesn’t help that I think any professional is a blatant liar that just wants money. Everyone’s a salesmen.


I’m not fond of this topic because I’m not all that interesting. I’m sure some people have huge stories. I’ll probably give them a look too.


I hope this one gets counted as a response because my last few didn’t seem to count. Oh well. No problem.

Calling Uncle Bob