So, I’m doing one of these prompt things again. This one is about storytelling. The thing asked what makes a good story teller and who I think is a pretty good story teller.


I really can’t judge what I think is good as a story teller since everything I tell is pretty terrible.


I’ll just talk about a guy I thought was pretty neat.


One day, during one of my temp jobs, I worked with this old guy that’s been basically around the world. He’s seen and done basically everything. He really did help make a dull day go faster.


Anyhow, he told me all about his army days and where he was stationed. One of the stories I remember the most was him talking about Turkey. He was telling me how everything was so strict there and how a lot of the people in his company or whatever it’s called got in trouble for going places they shouldn’t have been.


What I really remember about him is that he and his wife at the time really wanted to go to Hawaii, but he told me how tough it was to actually be stationed there. He had to go everywhere else just to finally be stationed in Hawaii. When he finally made it there, they wanted him to go somewhere else. His wife gave him an ultimatum where she told him to force the army to keep him in Hawaii because she didn’t wanna leave, or she would leave him.


She left him.


I guess serving the country wasn’t enough for her. I don’t know. I don’t think I can judge because I don’t know them. Maybe he coulda retired or something and stayed in Hawaii.


H was pretty rad.


He also did so many other jobs. Painting. Cooking. Driving a truck.


That guy was pretty interesting. Some people with real life stories are neat. Then again, there’s a lot of blowhards out there.


I’ve been reading these post a day blogs too. There’s some neat stories out there.



Well, that’s that. enjoy your Sunday.


Prompt: Spinning Yarns