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Time to bring you yet another drink reaction!  I asked my brother to go get me a delicious Arizona drink and he came back with this one. I never tried this specific flavour but I DID review the Grape and Lime one. If I recall, it tasted like sparkling juice or whatever so I can bet this one tastes just as good.


From the last Arizona review thing, I learned a LOT about them. Arizona started in Brooklyn selling only lemon iced tea. They are actually really really rad on Twitter.


So yeah, this is them paying homage to their home of Brooklyn. I can dig it. I love the can art again. I’ve really grown on orange lately. Hey! Orange and Green! Goooo Les Elephants!


Anyway, I was looking forward to having this because I rather enjoyed the first one. Yesterday I tried Arizona’s Mucho Mango and I liked it quite a bit. I expect this one to be like that only with a hint of lime.


Shall we get to the ingredients? I hope so because I’m having some spicy fries with a spicy burger.


Carbonated filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, mango puree, pear juice from concentrate, citric acid, lime juice from concentrate, natural flavor, absorbic acid,  vegetable juice for color, sucalose, acesulfame potassium, gum acacia, ester gum.


Seems like your pretty standard stuff. There’s some legit juice in here. It says 10% juice so that’s something. I wouldn’t say this is what you should drink for your fruit serving. Oh well, I don’t really care about being healthy. I have a big burger and fries here.


25% Vitamin C and 4% Vitamin A


Not bad! That’s a little something.


Okay, time to open and pour this.


I shook it well and it didn’t explode. Always a good sign.


It really looks like the Mucho Mango but more bubbly! It smells like it too. It has a distinct mango smell. It actually smells like real mango rather than manufactured mango. It came out pretty smoothly and bubbly. It has a soft orange colour that sorta looks like orange juice, but more yellow.


Taste time!




This tastes more like a soda than the last one. I get more of a 7 Up or Sprite first taste of the lime flavouring but then a soft mango after taste. It is like you mixed Mucho Mango with 7 Up. It isn’t bad at all!  Sparklely yet smooth.


I would get this again. I rather like it. It reminds me a little of tropical fruit punch soda. Arizona or is it AriZona does it again for me.


So uh…AriZona. If you’re reading this, wanna hire me? I’m like super loyal to you guys.


Shameless plug.


Hah! Okay, enjoy your Saturday Rad Blog.