In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sparkling or Still.”


So today’s prompt thing is about what an ideal day off is like and the whole idea was asking if my day off would be bustling with activity or a nice chill day.


I’ll tell you this, lately, I’ve been having Mondays off which is why I usually write my creative works those days. My Mondays are usually the most chill day ever. After working Tuesday through Friday, where Tuesday through Thursday are usually the worst days ever, I appreciate every second that Monday gives me.


As for being chill or bustling, I tend to go either way. It really depends on my motivation. My day is usually chill, but sometimes I like to do a bunch of things like stream or take on a new game or something. Last Monday I raised funds to buy an apartment in GTA Online. That was a huge chill day. I stood there and did trivial 1 player races and the like.


On other days, I end up sitting down on BPOC all day and dividing my time in writing something dumb here on this blog, playing something on Steam, listening to music, and streaming later.


Side note: I can already tell today is not going to go as well as the last two days. A shame.  Someone told me once in high school that everything that is up must come down.


I am drifting from the prompt.


Anyhow, my day off is my day off of work. I don’t even bother myself with the Tuesday through Thursday job. I like my Friday job a lot so it feels less like work.


Short bit today.


Cheers. Maybe I’ll try Friday as well.