In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cousin It.”


What’s up Rad Blog?


So yeah, WordPress has this thing with daily prompts and whatever so I thought I’d give it a go.


What’s this prompt about? Something about a strange family member.


Now, you know I usually keep the real me in the dark through ambiguous phrasing, so this time I’ll be a bit more candid.


The real Chas Rad family is pretty much nonexistent. There. I said it. What do I mean by that, well curious reader-person, I mean to say I have extended family but I haven’t seen em in years. It was just this summer I got to see my grandparents after 11 years of not seeing them.


So, in response to the prompt thing, who is my extensive family member? I suppose all of us are. We hate each other so much that we’ve drove ourselves into little factions.


Growing up, kids in school were always like “Oh yeah my cousin has the N64 and we played Mario Kart this weekend,” or “Oh yeah my uncle came over and took us to Disneyland.” I never had that really. When I was young, Mama Rad forced us to visit her father, but my brother and I hated going there. When he died, there was a huge falling out between her step family and whatever. I never got into it because The Order of the Phoenix just came out and I was reading that instead.


Pop’s side is mostly dead. His brother lives probably a half hour away from us, but we hardly ever see him.


So, to really answer the prompt, I don’t really have that sort of bond to really say I have some kind of eccentric family member mostly because I don’t really know them all that well.


I was never envious of those kids in my class either. I rather enjoyed my solitude away from the extended family. Christmas was quaint. It gave me more time to just play with my new toys or games I got. Sure, I didn’t have as many presents, but I didn’t really care.


Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, I can only see the same. No one is coming to my house this year. In fact, Pop is gonna be working most likely. I’ve never experienced the whole full table with kids table. This year, I don’t even know if we’ll have the whole fancy dinner. It doesn’t matter! It REALLY doesn’t.


Maybe I’ll try this prompt thing again as I haven’t really much of a topic to talk about here. Tomorrow? Tomorrow is my busy day, but I can try if this goes over well.


I’ll continue on thinking about my lack of family in the future. Unlike me, the Queen has quite the extended family, who I have mostly met. I enjoyed their company in all honesty. They are well educated people that genuinely don’t hate each other like my sorta extended family. One of them is a professor in a college. I mean, he doesn’t teach a subject I took any classes in, but still. Perhaps I’ll spend a Thanksgiving with her family one year…or maybe I’ll make a surprise visit NOW! I’ll leave tomorrow.


Maybe next time WordPress’ prompt thing will have an easier topic I can write about like how to have an awesome faux hawk.

I guess I’ll participate in the thing and read other people’s prompt posts. Maybe I’ll comment too. I forget, did I say this is the year of Good Chas? Next year can be EVIL CHAS! Muhuhaha!


No. Just kidding.


Okay, that’s it. See ya Rad Blog-o.