Bienvenue Rad Blog.


So, I recently made this Deviant Art profile thing to originally comment on stuff Stitch makes, but I realized should it just be an empty place? HMMMMM!?


So, I’ve been posting all the parts to Preemptive Strike there and I’ll be posting Mattermen there as well. Carefully does it though! I might also use it for other dumb short stories or poe-try I decide to write too eventually. I just wanna tell you, Rad Blog, that not all my creative works of rubbish will be posted here. I’m currently in the process of re-posting all my lame creative crap over there. Will this be the death of creative stuff on The Rad Blog? Nope. Sometimes I might just post it on the Deviant Art. I have a link at the bottom of the blog.


I don’t think I’ll be tricky and post some Mattermen parts there only. Mattermen will be posted both places. Fo’ Sho. all blog posts will be here. The Deviant Art journal will be blank forever.


You don’t mind right? You know, you won’t hate me for going to two different places for stuff. It is not like I care if people read my awful creative work! I also don’t write creatively that often either. I’ve only been in the creative mood because it is National Rhino Month.


That is all! Chas Update! Ka-Pow!