Hey all.


So, after yesterday, I kinda got to thinking about Villa and myself, but mostly how both are quite similar. I’ve kinda had this thought for a while honestly, but yesterday really made me come to terms with it.


This post is mostly experimental as I’m trying to look at things from both perspectives. Obviously, I am not a football club, but their trends and my trends are kinda similar.


This is what I mean, I’m gonna do this legit bloggy style! Bold texts and H tags. Rad!


We’re Both Young

Villa and I have that in common. Villa has a pretty young team, or at least a lot of their players are young. This season, more experience was brought into the team which kinda raised the age a bit, but still. I am the same age as Andi Weimann, Nathan Baker, Christain Benteke, Leandro Bacuna, and probably others but that’s just to name a few. I’m also older than a few of them like Jores Okore and rising star Jack Grealish. A few are just a few years older than me (24 and 25) like Ashley Westwood, Matthew Lowton, Ciaran Clark, Fabian Delph, and also probably others.

What I mean to say is, we’re young and dumb. I’ve been in school most of my life. These lads probably been playing academy football for most of their lives. Now we’re in the big leagues and we’re both having a hard time.


Lack Of Leadership

Villa and I have both found it hard to find good leaders. Let’s face it, Paul Lambert is a quack and hasn’t a clue. He might be able to find some gems, but has no idea what to do with it. It is like the one level in DuckTales where Scrooge goes to the Amazon to get the scepter. The Amazon tribe say it was just a back scratcher. That “back scratcher” was a gem encrusted gold scepter. Paul Lambert can find this scepter, but like the Amazon tribe, doesn’t know how to use it.

My entire life, I feel like I’ve had no guidance, and if I did, it was so vague that I didn’t make much of it because I don’t know any better.

Villa have Ron Vlaar as a captain. He’s been pretty solid for them and probably a good leader. That’s probably  all they have. It is like me and the few helpful teachers I’ve had. Sure they can give me ideas and inspire me, but at the end of the day I have no direction much like Villa. Well actually, Villa do have a direction and that is down…the table I mean.



If anything, I would say Villa has the best and worst luck ever. Despite all the bad, bad games and the hapless man at the helm, Villa haven’t been relegated yet. That is all down to luck I like to believe. Somehow, despite how bad this Villa team plays, there are three worse teams. Villa’s wins come from luck as well. I would like to say that Villa beat Man City and Liverpool with super skill, but I’d probably be lying. Both Man City and Liverpool were having a poor day and Villa just so happen to take advantage of it.


On the other hand, Villa have been very unlucky. Injuries are Villa’s bane of existence. Libor Kozak suffered a huge blow in training last season and he’s still out. Christian Benteke has just recovered from his lengthy injury which made him miss a lot of Villa’s season AND a World Cup where Belgium did admirably. Fabian Delph, Villa’s shining star in midfield lately, is now out with what seems like another lengthy injury. That’s just the big stuff. Villa did not play with Alan Hutton yesterday because he got hurt in training. Hutton has been playing really well lately. The same goes for Philippe Senderos, who was looking solid at the back with Ron Vlaar at the season start.


Okay, that’s Villa. I too have my share of bad luck and good luck. For one, I was born into the time I am living in now. The economy is awful. I am a perfectly capable worker, but no one wants to hire me. I guess I can kinda blame that on my lack of direction, but still. The field I have my degree in is falling down. Also, I’m just plain unlucky. I spilled my tea this morning all over my car interior and had nothing to clean it. I’ve had 3 laptops break on me in the span of 5 years.


I have my share of good luck too. I got 2 jobs in the span of a month, albeit they are both on call, but still. I’ve won a few contests as well, where I got pretty dumb prizes, but they are still prizes.


The Ability To Be Great

Aston Villa are an awesome club. When I first started to follow them, I had no idea how rich their history was. In 1982, Villa won the European Cup which is a HUGE deal. They also have a huge list of other wins which show how awesome this club is. This club is great, but lately they haven’t been. They can, and should be. Their history shows it all. A club like this should not be fighting relegation every year for the past 5 years.

What’s causing Villa to play so poorly? We can blame it on Paul Lambert, which is kinda true. We can blame it on some players, which is also kinda true. We can even blame Randy Lerner, the owner, which would also be true. I think it is all three. Villa have an owner that doesn’t care about the club he owns and makes terrible decisions a lot, a manager with the tactical prowess of an elementary school “soccer dad,” and some players that simply don’t have the pace to play in the Premier League.


Even so, Aston Villa can be great still! Even though some of the players aren’t good, Villa have some REALLY awesome players. Jack Grealish can be huge and he is only 19. Christian Benteke is an absolute beast, but was plagued by injuries. Jores Okroe showed some promise in his few games he did play before he got injured. There’s some players that haven’t been good lately, but we can see they CAN be good. Andi Weimann and Gabby Agbonlahor have been the center of critique lately, but they can be awesome when they turn up to play. Villa also kinda found a strong back 4 with Aly Cissokho, Philippe Senderos, Ron Vlaar, and Alan Hutton. We saw how they played at the start. They CAN be awesome.

What Villa need is to get rid of the negatives and get some positives in for once. Get rid of Lambert and Lerner and get some people that love the club in their spots.


Right, me too. I can be great as well. I have brilliant ideas. I can write. I am kinda knowledgeable. I can do things. I have all the makings of a great life, but it isn’t there. The final product isn’t there yet. I’m stuck in two on call jobs. I might not have much of a history like Villa, but I can if I am given the chance. I need to take my own advice for Villa. I need to get rid of the negatives and focus on the positives. Speaking of positives, this leads me to my next idea.


The Greatest Support Ever

Both Villa and I have the greatest supporters ever. Say what you will about other football clubs, but I know for a fact that Villa’s support is awesome. I can’t exactly make it to games with me being in the US and all, but I hear from people that do go to games that the Villa support is always in good voice. When I went to my first Villa game when they came to Philadelphia, I got to sit with the support. I had an amazing time out and couldn’t ask for a better birthday present. I still need to make it to the Holte End one day. Anyway, the fans are great. They always have good fun despite how bad the season is. That’s it right there. The fans turn up to the games always in support no matter HOW bad things are.

I can say the same for my supporters. The Queen is always there no matter how bad my episodes get. Jonny C has stuck by me despite living in a different state. Stitch has been really good with support and her feedback. That’s just a few. I don’t get alienated for having a bad streak with my support.

I don’t think I say it enough, but all of you, I really do appreciate it. I really and honestly do.


The Need To Take Initiative

This goes for us both. To get out of a rut, we need to dig ourselves out of the hole. Villa need to step up and start playing some football. Paul Lambert needs to change his tactics. He can’t keep on with this negative hoofball garbage. The players need to get into roles and start scoring. Randy Lerner needs to find a buyer quickly or decide to fully support this team. Only THEY can do this.

I need to as well. I blame everyone and myself for anything, but do I do anything about it? Nope. Why not? It is so much easier to just wallow in my own sorrows. I need to step up and just take everything day by day. I need to take my two on call jobs here and make the best of it when I’m working. I need to keep writing my story because it’ll keep me in good spirits when I write. Yes, bad things happen, but I can’t hold on to them. I shouldn’t. We all shouldn’t.


High Highs and Low Lows

Aston Villa are currently at a low. They have now lost 5 in a row and haven’t scored any goals in those five games. That is a very, very low low. When they go low, they REALLY go low. On the other hand, when they win it is sheer brilliance. The goals are great and the fans are happy. At the beginning of this season, Villa was actually second place for a while!


The same goes for me! When I have my bad days, they are really, really bad. I’m usually in destruction mode and say dumb stuff I don’t really mean. In my good moods, I’m really rad. I do awesome things. I write really well thought out posts and stories. I have some really funny and interesting commentary on my videos and streams.


That’s really all I have to say about this. I’m glad I wrote this out because the idea seemed pretty great in my head. It didn’t really make me feel better about myself or Villa, but it made me come to terms with things. I feel like I understand myself a little better and that I don’t wanna be like Villa. I don’t wanna be falling. I wanna be great like they used to be. I wish Villa could see the same thing, but this helped me as a fan to see that the best thing I can do is keep with them, though the worst and best times. It makes me want to work even harder to find a real job so I can save for a trip to the Holte one day. A Villa vs West Brom game? I don’t know who I’d like to see honestly.


Oh yeah! One more thing.


Feed The Beast

When you feed the Beast that is Christian Benteke, you will get goals.


When you feed me, I am no longer an angry beast. I am much better when I’m fed. I guess when I’m given a lot to work with too, I shine better than trying to find out ways on my own.


Okay, that is REALLY it. I mean it. This is probably one of my longest posts yet.


See ya next time!