Hey kids, handsome Chas Rad here.


Two reviews in 2 days! Chas! You’re really rad indeed! Yes, it is the truth. I got this today after trying the Mango one. It was so good, that I really wanted to see how others are. I got this one because I have never really heard of this fruit ever. I was kinda at a loss which was the correct name of this drink. I think it is known as something else in Spanish (Guanábana). For the sake of this review and not pasting the accented a every time I refer to the fruit, I’m gonna use the English name (Soursop).


So, I did some research and it appears Soursop is, indeed, a fruit. It is believed the fruit kills cancer, but I think it isn’t as effective as it was made out to be. I have found that it DOES help stop some types of cancers, such as versions of liver and breast cancers, but I don’t think it is a super cancer killer. That’s kinda neat to know.


It is a spiky fruit with a white inside. I’m not quite sure what people say it tastes like, but I don’t wanna know. I wanna know for myself when I try the nectar.


What do I think it tastes like? Probably like a pineapple. It kinda reminds me of one except white on the inside.


I’m gonna shake it really well this time.


Today, I bought this for 88 cents. Not bad.


Let’s look at the nutrition facts. Already I notice it says it contains 13% juice. I don’t recall seeing that on the mango one. I think the recycling is out by now. Oh yeah! It was covered by a label. It was 23% juice. Not too bad.


I think it is more sugary and water.


Okay, so nutrition.


180 calories. That was much like the mango. 15% carbs. Also the same. Unlike mango, there is 0% Vitamin A, but there is 100% Vitamin C. There is also 6% Iron in this which I think the mango didn’t have any. I don’t recall. Not too bad, but mango seems to be a bit healthier.



Water, Guanabana Pulp (Custard Apple), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Food Starch- Modified, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).


At first I was delighted to see the Soursop pulp in the drink but then a cheeky little custard apple was in parentheses. What is custard apple? Okay, it is a fruit that’s very similar to soursop and grows on a similar tree. Shouldn’t this be Custard Apple nectar then? Hmmp.

Okay, moving on to the pouring and taste.



It does, indeed, look like pineapple juice. It has the same colour anyhow. As I’ve come to expect, it looks pretty thick still. It smells really nice. From the smell, it kinda has a pineapple-like vibe, but more earthy. Yes. It really is earthy.


Okay! Taste test!




It doesn’t taste like pineapple. It tastes like nothing I had before, but it is fruity. It tastes kinda how it smells. It has a very thick earth tone to it, but sweet none the less. It is a good balance. Then again, it could be the high fructose corn syrup. I rather like the after taste. It kinda lingers on the tongue.


I’d get this again. For sure. I don’t know if I like this better than mango, but I do like it. The only thing is that it is only 9.6 fl oz! Too small for me! I would like a bigger version, which I’m sure they sell.


Maybe I try the guava next? I remember a lad I knew that was convinced guava wasn’t real. Hah.