4 AM. Readers know that nothing good comes from me when I’m not sleeping so here’s a sad post.

So I spent the last hour reading up on what people do with an inferiority complex and that kinda moved to me reading about psychology. Anyway, I found some person’s post saying the would would have completely changed if I wasn’t here. This made me write this because I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I kept it inside, though I probably should have.

Would the world really have changed without me. I mean, there would be a few changes obviously to the people I’m close to and such, but they would have adapted. The world is what I’m looking at here. The world wouldn’t even know if I didn’t exist because I haven’t impacted it. If anything, I would have had a minor impact. A few people wouldn’t have watched my videos. There might have been an extra seat in a full class or airplane. College graduates without a job would have one less statistic.

It doesn’t make a big difference at all.

Does it make a difference? I guess so. I guess the person was right, but I know for a fact that the statement is supposed to be empowering. It has done the opposite for me. I don’t feel any more important because I happen to be the son of someone. Maybe to them I am important, so how come I don’t see it?

This is getting out of hand. Go to bed Chas. I guess I get all genuine when I don’t sleep.

Right now though, I just feel bad. I’ll say something good in the morning. I kinda promise.