Or rather Space….


Just wanna write a quick something something here. I’m trying out this theme because it kinda looks cool in the demo. It gives me an excuse to add images to posts too, so we’ll see if I like it. I also wanna know if you like it too. Suits was pretty nice (the last theme I used). The thing I’m not sure I like on this theme so far is that my sidebar is now hidden. You can access it by clicking the three horizontal line thing at the top right corner of the blog.


So let’s give it a go? I think this new theme will raise more views on specific posts since the front only gives you so much of the post. We’ll see.


Tell me what you think, Rad Blog.


Stream most likely very soon. Check the Birdman.


Speaking of Birdman, I need to add that in the sidebar. It used to be at the bottom, but that isn’t there anymore.