I only have an hour so the other title that you’d most commonly see from like the 50’s where it says “BLAH BLAH or DYING TO KNOW?” This post would be called “Or 1 Hour Topic.”


So, since no one is here but me, I had to ask the Queen for a topic and she picked Surviving a Genocide. A  serious one.


Okay, so I don’t really have time to research this, so I’m going by only what I know about this kind of thing. What I will say is that it is possible to survive a genocide. I guess the genocide really depends on the circumstances as well. In Mass Effect, the Genophage was made to make Krogans unable to reproduce, which is one way to stop all future birth. When the remaining die, that is it. This is more of a bio-genocide since it was a disease. Could this happen in real life though? I suppose it could, but I’m not sure how someone could make a disease or something that targets another specific human. We would need either an outside, alien race to do it to all humans, or we would need an animal to evolve past humans and outsmart them. I don’t see this happening very soon.


What makes me think is, could someone actually target a specific people with a disease? I suppose it is quite possible to eliminate all men or women from genetic makeup. Yeah, I guess some evil scientist that really hated men or women could make some airborne thing that has no affect on one gender but instantly incapacitate the other.

Though, I wanna know if it could be possible to target more specific people. Maybe all people with dark hair because that’s in DNA. Then again, it could target blonde people as well if they are carriers. Hmm.


That’s only bio-genocide though. There’s been countless acts of other kinds genocide that are still happening to this day. One of the most notable is the Holocaust.


Chas! The topic is surviving a genocide!


Fine, reader, I was getting to that. I needed to lay some background down first!


Surviving a genocide is hard. It is extremely traumatic, and not all the time will a survivor be unscathed. I’m talking about emotionally and physically unscathed.


Whatever the events, it relies on quick thinking, making hard decisions, and luck. I say luck because things just happen. Imagine this: you are running from a holding place where everyone you are with will most likely be executed. You take your chance to run. You make it to this one fence where there is an armed guard. Suddenly, he spots you and calls out to his men. To stop you, he fires his gun which just so happens to be out of ammo. That’s what I’m saying about luck. Maybe if you were there a second earlier or later, the guard would have checked his gun for ammo or maybe he would have changed shifts to someone else. Maybe if the gun had ammo, he might have missed you. Maybe, just maybe, if it was another guard he probably would have let you go.


Though, the greatest way to survive a genocide is to prevent one entirely. This is, probably by far, the hardest way. Making many people agree on one thing is really difficult. This is clear in Mass Effect when Shepard tries to get the Krogans to help fight against the Reapers. The Krogan chief (Wrex or Wreve) wants the genophage cured, much to the dismay of the Turians and Salarians. The Salarian Dalatrass tries to bribe Shepard by faking the cure. It is up to the player to see how this plays out, but the point I’m trying to say is to stop a genocide, it is REALLY hard for everyone to agree. In a way, to stop the Krogan genocide would be a step forward to stop the Reapers from destroying everyone, or stopping an organic life genocide. Even in the most desperate times, the Salarians are unwilling to let go of their hatred of Krogans to save their own lives from Genocide. Not only does that show ignorance, but it proves that it is really difficult to end one genocide, or heck, two genocides.


What can I say to unite people? It is impossible for a little Chas to say anything important and convince people as well. I guess it really takes many people to convince another many people. Even then, things don’t always change for the better.


Heck, what I wrote here probably doesn’t help anyone. I wasn’t trying to help or hurt anyone. I was just thinking out loud.


So I guess I’m saying that the best way to survive a genocide is to prevent one completely. It is probably the hardest, but it is the best way to make sure no one dies.


That’s all I have to say on this.