To drown my sorrows in losses for England and Côte d’Ivoire, I’m turning to this interesting soda from Flathead Lake. This is KINDA a local brand since it is bottled in a town near me here in New Jersey, but it is otherwise known as “Montana’s legendary soda.” It might be an homage to the Montana brand, but I’m not really sure. What I wanna talk about is this flavour: huckleberry. Flathead Lake makes a bunch of different flavours, some of which I have tried (Granny Apple), but I have never heard of Huckleberry, in fact, I thought Huckleberry was just a name for a beloved southern literature character. I’m quite fond of Flathead Lake’s taste, so this really made me want to try this specific flavour. There’s nothing fancy in the ingredients really; it is pretty standard stuff. Might as well open it up and take a smell.


It smells really fruity actually. Quite delightful. It also has a kind of wild smell to it, unlike your normal strawberry scent or whatever. It is almost like a fruit punch scent, but again it smells kinda wild. It is like if you went in the woods and took a smell of a berry bush you might find.  Now, let’s have a taste.


It kinda tastes like a fruit punch soda. I’m not sure if that’s because huckleberry doesn’t really have a distinctive taste, or that it is because it is too soday. Looking back on the ingredients, it doesn’t really have a “natural flavour” thing. It really just has corn syrup and sugar. I’m not too surprised now that I don’t really get a berry flavour. It still tastes like sugary soda goodness, but I’m not feeling huckleberry here. Would I buy this flavour again? Probably not. It isn’t anything special considering how much I liked Flathead Lake’s Granny Apple soda and my brother had a Strawberry Orange soda too. I’d like to try that one next. Quite possibly soon too. Huckleberry just didn’t sail for me, if you catch my drift. Allusions are great.


Final thoughts: Huckleberry soda is more like a fruit punch soda, but tastes less like fruit punch than other brands I’ve had. I do like Flathead Lake’s soda taste though, which still makes it pretty tasty. I’d stick with their other flavours, but if this was the only one available, I’d get it. Then again, what exactly IS a huckleberry and what does it taste like? It certainly smells like what I’d think a huckleberry smells like. Cheers, Flathead Lake. I like it.