Here we are again! Time to try another one of these Goya sodas. I’d like to think I have a pretty good track record with them (minus the Ginger Beer). Let’s take a look shall we?


My brother suggested I get this one as he said the strawberry one tasted like real fruit. I am pretty sceptical about this because I have a feeling this is gonna taste like Sprite or 7Up. For one though, it isn’t clear like those sodas and there is a distinct lime-green hue to it. Looking at the ingredients does not suggest to me that it does have real fruit in it.


Carbonated water

High fructose corn syrup

Natural lemon with other natural flavours

Citric acid

Sodium citrate

Acacia gum (I prefer Xanthan gum)

FD&C Yellow #5 & FD&C Blue #1 (Artificial Colour)


So MAYBE this has a little bit of lemon in it, but what is NATURAL lemon? Usually these kinds of things say X% Juice on top, but I guess this doesn’t. No matter, let’s move to the aroma.


It doesn’t really smell like Sprite or 7Up actually. It smells a lot more like lemon juice honestly. I am getting a very heavy lemon smell from it and not just bubbly soda kinda smell. This makes me kinda happy because I’d like to prove my suspicion wrong and hope it really does taste like lemon and lime.

All right, let’s have a taste.


It doesn’t really taste like Sprite/7Up but it doesn’t NOT taste like it either. It has a kinda weak lemon taste to it, but strong enough that I knew it was there. It also tastes kinda flat, but I guess that’s what I expect from something bubbly like Sprite or 7Up. It’s not bad at all. I’m enjoying the taste. It kinda reminds me of the Guava soda where the smooth flavour was easier to pick out over the soda-water taste. I rather like it honestly.

Yes, I get the lemon, but not so much the lime. I guess I can meet my brother half way on this. Would I get this again? Maybe. I’d have a few other choices over this one, but I wouldn’t say no if that was all that was available.