That’s right! Here’s another Goya soda I found …well found is an overstatement. This one is all over the place. I’m trying something more strange sounding (to me) instead of Guava which was actually pretty good. The difference with this one is that I have NO idea what to expect with this one. The one lady I talked to in the store said this was her absolute favourite of all the Goya Sodas. Nick, on the other hand, said he knew someone that absolutely hated Champagne Cola. Me, well I never tried champagne but the rappers seem to like it as well as a lot of other people. I’m kinda scared to taste it because, well, the last faux-alcohol I tried I ended up dumping and almost dying of a coughing fit. All right. Let’s open it.


First smell: very strange. It smells rather sweet, but also like gasoline. Second smell is more sweet. Nick says it smells a bit like cream soda which I agree. It is kinda like my first smell of Shaq Soda. Let’s pour this. I’m actually slightly relieved by the smell. The Ginger Beer hurt my nose.


As soon as I pour it in the glass, I get the the gasoline smell again. Da heck. Okay. Time to taste.


It tastes like cream soda. Not bad actually. Rather delightful. Actually it kinda tastes kinda like the Vanilla Cream Shaq Soda. It has the malt taste of Shaq Soda and you know what, I didn’t mind it. I’m actually kinda happy with this one. Lemme drink some more.


Very creamy. I enjoy this. Quite good. I’m happy! Yes! Thank you lady at the store. You did not steer me wrong. I give this Chas Rad’s approval. Good stuff!


Let me look at the ingredients. Well it really is just a soda. There’s no extract of champagne or whatever. This is straight up soda. For 95 cents, I’d say go for this.


Additional info: I was a little alarmed with the orange colour of the drink as Shaq Soda was more clear/orange. This is straight orange. I wonder if my stool* will be orange. Only time will tell.









*This will be the last stool reference on the Rad Blog…ever.