Last time on Chas Rad’s Taste Test I nearly died because of the heavy taste and aroma from the ginger beer. I honestly thought it was going to be sweet, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Today I bring you another soda from Goya. This one has got to be sweet, right? It is pink and named after a fruit. Honestly, I have never had guava before. I pretty much got this because it was pink, and all things pink are sweet, right? With that mentality, I’ll probably end up drinking something used to clear toilet clogs. Anyhow, let’s take a look at this bottle. It looks pretty good and fairly clear though I can hardly see the other side through the liquid. Maybe that’s a good thing. Looking at the ingredients, I don’t see anything to do with Guava, but I do see “glycerol esters of wood rosin” which makes me kinda worried. What is a ester of wood rosin? Isn’t that what’s used to make violin bows get better traction on the strings? At least my good friend Red dye #40 makes an appearance. I would say that is my favourite of dyes. I’m gonna go ahead and say this probably isn’t the healthiest thing for you. No. Let’s pour a glass.

At first smell I sense a very fruity aroma. It smells pretty sweet actually and also quite tropical. It is much better than the ginger beer already. I have a feeling it is gonna taste pretty good. Second smell brings a type of bubblegum idea to my head. Maybe because it is a pink drink I’m thinking bubblegum. All right, let’s have a taste.

It is very sweet, no doubt about that, but is it Guava? I don’t know. I’m getting a Sprite like taste really with the lingering effects of bubblegum. Maybe Guava tastes like bubblegum? I do have a hint of fruity flavour, but it is mainly bubbly soda taste. It isn’t bad at all. I rather like it. The after taste is a bit more tropical and fruity which is good considering it is supposed to  Guava.  Yeah, I’ll give this the Rad stamp of approval. I would buy this again for $1.15, but I can only imagine that it could only taste better somewhere tropical where they actually use Guava juice and Mordin runs tests on the seashells.