I have always been told that Ginger Beer is a pretty tasty drink, but then I learned a bit of Cockney and found that that statement would be kinda comical. Needless to say, I found one of these in the awesome store that sells the likes of Croco Crunch and decided to fork over 89 cents to try it. What I’ve been told about Ginger Beer is that it is a sweet-like cola similar to Ginger Ale. It is a product of Goya which you may or may not know makes more “foreign” foods. I think Goya is pretty good. I’ve had some of their stuff and I had no problem with the taste. I DID however have a Goya Malt Soda which was probably the worst tasting thing ever, yet I drank the entire bottle of it. Why? Sadism maybe. Let me get a glass to pour this in now!

Opening. COUGH COUGH COUGH oh my Eight the AROMA! Jeeze! By Odin’s Beard! Vishnu save me. That was every definition of POTENT! I never had smelling salt, but I imagine that’s what it would do. KO Right there. Hefty smell of Ginger right in the face. It sorta looks like ginger ale, but does NOT smell sweet at all. I don’t mind the taste of ginger though. I feel like this is gonna be less sweet and more organic. Okay, time for a taste. I hope my nose can take it.

HOLY HOT FIRE ACID. Barely a sip and I’m brought to a coughing fit. This is like the cinnamon challenge all over again for me. It was hot even though I put it in the fridge. It BURNT my tongue. It was seriously like hot acid. I couldn’t drink anymore. I’m sorry but I can’t take it. This must be made for cooking, not drinking. If you can drink this, then you have a lot of power. Yuck! I had high hopes for this, but that was burnt away like the taste buds that suffered from this acid. Oh mama! Spicy! If you want the same effect, go down to Buffalo Wild Wings and order the hottest sauce they have and drink that. I must be a wimp, but I was looking for a sweet drink. Oh well! I tried it and didn’t spend too much.