Well, we all knew this day was coming. We have hit the last can of Soda Shaq. I have to admit, I have never tasted a blueberry soda. I don’t really know what to expect because I don’t really get blueberry-type drinks ever. I wonder if this even has blueberry in it? Well, let’s get out the can. If this tastes good, then it is a rare type of drink since I don’t even think Juicy Juice makes a blueberry juice. If it is bad, then oh well, at least they tried.


Oh sweet Divines, this one contains FRUIT JUICE! Off to a very good start.


Let’s talk about the can itself. It is blue, rightly so and has all the little silly facts and stuff the other cans did. This one DOES have that unique fact: “Olympic Gold Medal, Atlanta 1996.” A gold medal in what? It doesn’t necessarily mean basketball, and if it does, it doesn’t have to mean he played that much for the team, right? Still, a gold medal is nothing to snort at, good job Shaq.


So I said it contained fruit juice. Shall we see the ingredients? Yes. Here is the list: carbonated filtered water, sugar, honey, natural flavour, blueberry juice from concentrate, bourbon vanilla extract, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice for colour.  This has actual blueberry juice which is really quite awesome because a lot of juices or sodas claim they are a certain flavour like “strawberry juice” and the first juice found in the ingredients is “apple juice.” This is good stuff so far. I’m really looking forward to the taste.


Let’s not waste any more time! Pouring it now. Wheeeew. The strawberry and orange had their respective smells to them when pouring, but it still smelled like soda. This one smells straight up blueberry. I can still see the cream colour of the liquid, but it totally has a blueberry blue hue to it.


Taste time. Sadly, this doesn’t really taste like blueberries. It tastes like a good cream soda. I’m waiting for an after taste which I forgot to mention the strawberry one had. It was quite strong too. Nope. I’m not getting anything. It is a smooth drink without all the bubbly nonsense like the other 3. I guess there is a tiny hint of blueberry, but I don’t really taste it. I feel like this could be called “Fruit Punch Cream Soda” instead of blueberry. It has a fruity undertone to it, but not outright. It is so subtle. It is a good drink, but I’m not all too impressed with it. I guess that’s the reason why they don’t really have blueberry-type drinks because blueberry juice is not really strong enough to make a juice by itself. I mean I guess I can taste blueberry, but I can taste more soda. Oh yeah! The malt taste is totally not existent here. That’s what this one has going for it.


All right, final thoughts time. Soda Shaq by Arizona Beverages was a fun idea to bring soda to the people that shop at 7-11. Personally, I almost never go to 7-11’s because, well, why should I? I have WaWa. This soda totally gives me reason to go, not only for the Shaq gimmick, but for a really cheap and satisfying soda. WaWa makes their own 99 cent soda, but it only goes to 99 cents when they wanna have a sale on it. This is ALWAYS 99 cents, plus it is a much larger can. The tastes of both sodas are kinda alike, but this has a lot more value (according to the stats my brother gave me, this can is bigger than an average bottled soda).


Why they picked Shaq is beyond me. He hasn’t really been relevant in sports for a while now. All we see him do now-a-days is talk about Icy Hot patches and drive Buicks with tons of leg room. Then again, Shaq is a perfect pick because Shaq is a really, really nice guy. Why not have Shaq? He’s cool. He got my attention, didn’t he? He got Kenny’s attention when I sent him my collection of Shaq pictures. Got Art’s too. A good pick on Arizona’s part.


The good thing about this soda is that it isn’t super super awful for you. Sure it has tons of sugar in it, but it isn’t 100% sweetened by sugar. It also has honey. People are also looking for low calories in a drink. Per serving, this has 90 calories. That is much better compared to other sodas. I have some Pepsi and Sierra Mist here from too. Let’s compare. Pepsi, per serving, is 140 calories! Sierra Mist is 130 per serving. That is a HUGE difference. Of course, they throw us off by giving us a huge can. Once you open it, there’s no way anyone wan’ts to say “oh that’s enough. I’m gonna drink the rest over 2 other periods of time to get the serving portions right.” Heck no. The same goes with bottled sodas. I believe they have 2 servings in them, but I could be wrong. I don’t actually have a small bottled soda here with me to compare, all I have is 2 liter bottles. I’m pretty sure they are 2 servings, though. I guess what those bottles have is the re-sealability. With this can, I have to put the liquid in a new container to close it. I can’t just pop the cap again, that is impossible.


It is a good soda. In fact, I plan on buying it as much as I can. Is it my favourite soda? Not really. I like Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Mug Root Beer the best, but this is up there with them. Let me give you my rankings of them: Orange Cream, Blueberry Cream, Strawberry Cream, Vanilla Cream. Obviously, Orange Cream was the best. It had a fantastic orange taste with the right blend of cream flavour. Blueberry gets the second spot because it tastes like a good and fruity cream soda. What takes it above strawberry is the fact that I can’t taste malt in this one. Strawberry gets third because I could taste the fruit, but couldn’t go higher because it had that malt after-taste. Vanilla is last because, well, it is exactly like the previous 3 sodas, but there is NOTHING to drown the malt taste. It isn’t bad, I just don’t like it as much as I like the others.


In conclusion, this is a good drink. I have a feeling if this was marketed during Shaq’s prime, it coulda been crazy popular. Anything to add, marketing people? My knowledge of marketing is pretty limited. Would I recommend this soda? Heck yes. Go out to 7-11 now and buy one. 99 cents for a pretty good drink. That’s something that will make you feel good. Well, not a healthy feel good, but a more happy feel-good. Soda is usually bad for you, but I don’t care! This was good! Props to Arizona for making a good tasting soda when they usually are known for their teas.


Final score: Rad Approved!