Ah! Finally off of my rounds today so that must mean a NEW review. Today I’m looking at the Strawberry Cream soda. The can is redish pink with probably the best picture of Shaq on it. I just found this out today when I was doing my rounds that these pictures are NOT set to a single can. What I mean is that this Shaq with open mouth can appear on any of the flavours. I just happened to pick this one. Anyhow! Let us observe the fact on this can. This one states: “9 times led the NBA in Field Goal %.” What does that mean? Obviously something good because he is leading something in the NBA. What’s a field goal? No idea. Is it hard to lead in field goals? Got me. Is 9 times a lot? You bet. Good work Shaq.


Seems like the Nutrition Facts are identical to all of them so I’m gonna skip that and go straight to the ingredients. Today’s ingredients: carbonated filtered water, sugar, honey, natural flavour, bourbon vanilla extract, natural strawberry flavor, citric acid, vegetable juice for colour. Unlike the Orange Cream, this one contains NO FRUIT JUICE so chances are I’m probably not gonna like this one that much. What made the Orange Cream one so good was the actual juice in it, but I guess I can’t say anything until I try it. Time to open it and pour a glass.


I’m kinda afraid to try this one. It looks like the other two sodas in colour, only this one has a tiny hue of red; not even pink. The smell is super strawberry, so that’s one thing going for it. Time to taste.


Not bad! This is what the Vanilla Cream was lacking to mask the malt taste. It tastes like a cream soda for sure, but hardly a hint of strawberry. It is smooth like the other two. Yes not bad at all. It really is a nice cream soda taste. Very vanilla tasting. The only disappointing thing is that there is not strawberry taste. There’s a TINY hint, but not really. It makes me wonder how the blueberry one tomorrow will taste. Overall, this is very good.


Stay tuned tomorrow for the last one and my final thoughts!