Ah yes, I told you I would continue this the next day! Sorry, I’m extremely tired at the time of writing this so my sentence structure might not make a ton of sense. Anyhow! Vanilla Cream!


I have actually had this one before this review. It was the first (and only) Soda Shaq I had which made me want to write these posts about the Big Man’s soda. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


There are NEW facts on this can. Remember the 2000 MVP one on the Orange Cream soda? Well this one is different. It is in the same spot, but this time our fact is “national spokesperson for Boys and Girls Clubs of America.” Good on you, Shaq. Other than that, the can is pretty much identical to the Orange Cream one. Even the colour is basically the same, except this one is more tan than orange. I did forget to mention yesterday that the can is signed by Shaq right at the bottom by the shoe size fact.


Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients. The nutrition facts are about the same as the Orange Cream soda.  The can shows these ingredients: carbonated filtered water, sugar, honey, natural flavour, bourbon vanilla extract, citric acid. This is pretty much identical to the Orange Cream, minus the orange juice. Now, the taste.


Like I said with the orange cream one, it isn’t so much bubbly that it makes your nose feel all scrunchy. It is a smooth drink. There is the lack of orange taste to it, which just leaves the bourbon vanilla taste. Sadly, this makes the soda taste very malty. Before, I had the orange taste to mask how malty the bourbon is, but since there is no twist in the flavour, I pretty much have a malt soda that has a hint of vanilla. If I had to compare this one to something, I’d say it is a lot like a typical cream soda, but the malt taste is too much to say it is exactly like a cream soda I might find in something by Stewart’s soda. It isn’t a bad soda at all, it just lacks a flavour to make up for the malt taste. In a positive light, it is a decent malt taste that doesn’t make me go “blech” like other malt sodas have made me say in the past. In fact, after a while the malt taste seems to go away and I can pretty much feel like I’m drinking a smooth cream soda. The hint of vanilla is only sorta there, sadly. Not the best soda from Soda Shaq, but it is decent enough.


Tomorrow! Strawberry. That’s gonna be a bit later since I got stupid crap to do tomorrow and won’t be around at all. It makes me sad. See ya!