IMAG0558 Yep! 7-11 has been promoting these since the beginning of the summer so I thought I’d buy all 4 of them and try it for myself because you know, Chas Rad loves his soda. Let’s observe the can art. As you can see, each can is a different colour with a different, and pretty hilarious, picture of our main man Shaquille O’Neal. The 4 flavours are all of a cream variation including orange, vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry (the order in the picture above).


So let’s get into the finer details. This soda is by Arizona Beverages, which you might know for better for their teas and the popular Arnold Palmer Half and Half Lemonade Iced Tea. At first I never thought Arizona would make a soda, but I’m not picky.


At the top of the can, Arizona wants you to know that the soda is, indeed, all natural. IT says it about 4 times total. The rest of the can is zanny art work with a full-body picture of Shaq. On his picture there are silly catch phrases like “A big can for the Big Man,” and “Shaqazona.” There are also 2 facts which aren’t all that interesting, but good enough. One says he was 2000’s MVP for whatever team he played for, I’m guessing. The other says he wears a size 23 shoe, which is really freakin big.


Now the boring stuff. I looked at the ingredients and nutrition facts. The can is huge, 23.5 FL OZ or 695 mL. Obviously the FDA would not let this be 1 serving so they said it should be 3 servings. I don’t listen. I’m gonna drink the whole bloody can. I’m looking at the Orange’s nutrition facts because it was the first one I tried and I’m sure the others aren’t THAT different. 90 calories per serving which isn’t awful. 10 mg of sodium, 24 g of total carbs, 24 g of sugar, and 0 for all the other stuff is the remainder of the facts. It does contain 2% fruit juice which is pretty standard in soda these days I think.


Orange Cream contains the following ingredients in order: carbonated filtered water, sugar, orange juice from concentrate, honey, natural flavour, bourbon vanilla extract, vegetable juice for colour, citric acid. I always wondered what exactly was “natural flavours” but since I’m not a foodie and it isn’t 2 AM, I’m not gonna see what it means. The can advertises that it has no preservatives, artificial flavours, nor artificial colour which seems to check out from the ingredients.


Taste! That’s all you’ve been wondering as I got the silly stuff out of the way. First off is orange cream. I really like this one. You get a taste of orange soda from it, but since it is a cream, I totally tasted the vanilla from it. the bourbon bit makes it a bit malt-like which isn’t too bad because the orange over powers the taste. It’s rather smooth and doesn’t make my nose get all wrinkly from the bubbles. Not a bad taste at all. It is sweet, but what did you expect from soda? The good thing about this soda is that it actually is orange tasting, unlike other cheap drinks which only taste like mucky goop coming from all the sugars and whatever else they put in. This one is good.


Check out tomorrow’s blog for the next Soda Shaq review. I don’t want to ruin my health by gulping down ALL 4 today. Serving size is 3 and all…