Remember my last post about the new Motion City Soundtrack album called Go? Well, I bought it.


Before I say anything at all, this is my opinion on it. It is not really a review (even though I put it under the “Review” category) I should make a reaction category…..done. I did some technical stuff there. Review Reaction. Boom. I don’t like the word “review” because it means I’m rating it and critiquing it. I don’t wanna do that. I’m just gonna tell you what I liked and what I didn’t like and stuff. I’m not gonna be like “oh well yeah the way they used chords in this song makes no sense blah blah blah lazy work blah blah blah I’m a hipster.”





When I was on Grooveshark that night listening to the new album, I only listened to the songs that I read were hits and whatnot from I didn’t take a full listen to the album until today…and it’s only 10:30 am.


From a very obvious standpoint, it is a fairly short album. It took me one drive from work and back to listen to it all. That’s about 40 mins of driving, probably less. The longest song on the album is 4:17. If I had the other albums on hand I’d compare it better. Hold on, I think has the times for all the songs.


Here’s the stats in order of release:

I Am the Movie- 43:05

Commit This to Memory- 44:00

Even If It Kills Me- 43:31

My Dinosaur Life- 39:42

Go- 47:51


All right…maybe it isn’t so short compared to the others. Then again, I have been listening to albums that take hours to listen all the way through. It seemed short. Maybe it seemed short because I wasn’t pressing replay on the songs. Anyhow, it felt short to me. That’s all I’m saying.


I have it playing now while writing this blog. This is totally not my favourite album from them, but it isn’t my least favourite at all. I just thought most songs on this album were meh and only like one was really Yeah! I wanna press replay.

When I put it on for the first time, the first song “Circuits and Wires” grabbed my attention like all of their album openers. For some reason, I like all their album openers except “Cambridge” from their first album. I think with a few more listens, I’m gonnab e hooked on “Circuits and Wires.”


The singles from the album are “True Romance” and “Timelines.” One of them I really liked and one of them I think is probably the worst song they ever written.


Which is it?


“True Romance” is everything a single should be. It is catchy. It is light in heart. It is almost addicting. I need to listen to it a few more times to get the real impact of it. I cam see why it is a single. I liked it a lot.


“Timelines” on the other hand is the most dreadful song I’ve listened to by them. I used to think “Invisible Monsters” was their worst song, but this one totally takes it. I cannot stand how it is played. It’s slow and it reminds me of that stupid band Fun. I cannot stand Fun and this sounds like a song they’d play. The lyrics are kinda dumb too. I understand Justin wants to make a serious song, but he’s made serious songs before. Pretty much ALL his songs are serious, but this one makes me wanna press skip. Let me take a very serious song by him and let me compare it briefly.


We’ll stick with time as the subject: “Timelines” and “Time Turned Fragile.” “Timelines” is like slow indie rock. True, Motion City Soundtrack is kinda indie like, but it’s too slow and long. “Time Turned Fragile” is a more entertaining song. It’s one of my most favourites by them. Heck, senior year Chas used a line from it as his senior quote! Why can’t “Timelines” be like this. They are kinda the same thing. “Timelines” deals with nostalgia and looking back at how one came to be. “Time Turned Fragile” is about the things in the past you hope still think about you and the good times you had. Similar songs, but “Time Turned Fragile” is much better.


Let me stick with songs I like now to make this a happier reaction.


By far, my favourite song on the album is “Bad Idea,” which is coming up next coincidentally. It feels like an older Motion City song to me. Maybe that’s why I like it the most. I really like their first two albums the most and this song kinda reminds me of Commit This to Memory with a hint of Even if It Kills Me. It sounds like it coulda been played as a transition song to the two. The chorus is what gets me. I think it is also the only song on the album that uses the higher pitched moog. There is moog in this album! It might be like more low pitched and less electronicy, but it it there unlike My Dinosaur Life! “Bad Idea” just has the charm their older songs do. I really didn’t get the feel from the other songs.


“Happy Anniversary” is a good one too. It is probably their darkest song yet, but it reminds me of “Hold Me Down.”  I think I said that in the post before this one. It’s got the slow build up and then the chorus that picks it up. It’s theme is kinda similar too: being apart from the one you loved for whatever reason and celebrating life in that way. I think “Happy Anniversary” is more positive in that way because it’s not about a break up but rather telling the other to live life happily even though I’m gone…or dead.


Though I only heard it once, “Floating Down the River” was really good. It is coming on next so I’ll have a second listen. At first, I thought they were gonna Panic! at the Disco this and make it folksy. I’m so glad they didn’t because Pretty.Odd. is terrible. What they did was make an upbeat song that makes the album close nicely. It feels kinda Dinosaury to me, but I like it all the same. I never hated Dinosaur, I just like it a lot less than the other albums.


In all, Go seems like a much maturer album than their previous albums. They’ve come from an indie pop punky band to a more indie band. Indie fans will probably like this more and then listen to their older stuff and be like “WTF Mate” because you know all Indie fans say “mate” at the end of their sentences. For me, it isn’t Commit This to Memory, but I don’t think it should be. It is a new sound that I’m gonna have to get used to. This is my reaction to it on second listen. It is a totally new move for them because it doesn’t feel pop punky anymore. I liked the pop punky aspect, but I know I’m gonna like this album with some more listens.


“Bad Idea” is the new song I’m playing over and over again though. Probably one of their best songs in a while.