Lately I’ve been writing like “Chas:1 Spam: 0” and stuff. Well, I’m making it into a real thing. I have the scores on the top of the blog if you ever want to see them. This post will be the rules and whatnot.

By the way this post was written while listening to Tear Drops by Massive Attack. Irrelevant information.


All points are cause and effect. For instance: in order for me to gain points, something must have happened between me and another competitor. Here is an example. If a Spammer posts spam on my blog and I catch it and delete it that would be 1 point for me and minus 1 for Spam. However, I can gain more points by taking more action. If I delete the spam and BAN the spammer that’s  2 points for me. It would still be minus 1 for the spammer unless they have made multiple accounts and have written the same message multiple times.

I cannot subtract points for no reason.

If assisted, the assisted gets as many points per assists they have. For instance: if Jonny C alerts me of spam on something and I get it, I get 2 points, Jonny C gets 1, and Spam loses 1.

Anyone can join this game. They just need to comment on this rule page, send me a private message to my Youtube account, or send me a private message on Vizzed. Anywhere else results in me gaining points for sheer stupidity.

I may add anyone I feel like despite them not asking or asking incorrectly.

Will I win this game? Probably but look here, don’t spam, don’t be a troll, and don’t be stupid and you won’t lose points.

All positive comments left on blogs or videos will give you a point.

Extra Credit can be earned in various ways as indicated in posts or videos. Answers for the Extra Credit may be sent to me ANYWHERE.

If the game becomes too big, I’ll post weekly updates of the points in this blog. I’ll keep track of all the points on spreadsheet.

Any addition to the rules will be posted here and broadcasted in the header of this blog.