Hello one and all! Thank you for reading my blog (if you actually read). Anyway, this is going to be a short little bit to address a rather silly manner. I know, I know Spammers love to spam places so people will click their stuff so then they can either make a buck or hack a computer. I really don’t know what they do, but I do know one thing. Any spam posted here will be deleted on the spot. I have no room or sympathy for spammers. In fact, if I get another incident saying something along the lines of “good site here!” in my spam folder here I might have to do something drastic like ban your IP from this site completely. Sorry pals. Thanks for the compliment but prehaps if it was posted on a different article about something serious, I might take you seriously.

Do I know that no spammers will read this? Absolutely. Take this in mind though, I want to look cool like England back in the day when pirates would look to harbour. Take this as the “hanged pirate in the harbour” approach.

Chas Rad: 1

Spam: 0

Another note to all my viewers. Hello to you Americans and Brazilians. I had no idea Brazilians could be interested in this lame stuff this dumb ol’ yank has to say.